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Gannett is Adding AI-generated Summaries to Its Articles

Gannett, the media company that owns hundreds of newspapers in the U.S., is launching a new program that inserts AI-generated bullet points at the top of journalists’ stories, according to an internal memo seen by The edge.

The AI ​​feature, called “Key Points” in Stories, uses automated technology to create summaries that appear under a headline. There is a disclaimer at the end of the articles that reads: “The key statements at the top of this article were generated using artificial intelligence (AI) and verified by a journalist before publication.” No other parts of the article were generated using AI.” The memo is dated May 14 and notes that participation is optional at this time.

For some, the summaries appear to be live already USA today Stories online (Gannett owns USA today Papers). The AI-generated summary “aims to improve the reporting process and enhance the audience experience,” the memo also states The AI ​​model on which the tool is based was trained internally for nine months.

Gannett did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Gannett has previously experimented with AI content in incidents where the company quickly backed down after embarrassing blunders. Last August, Gannett pulled the plug on AI-generated sports recaps after readers mocked the clumsiness of the writing. In October, Gannett employees joined Rated, the company’s consumer products site, claimed that content appearing online was created using AI. As I reported last year, the outside marketing firm that produced this work was also behind it Sports Illustrated AI controversy where AI-generated authors were given credit as authors. At the time, Gannett insisted that the product reviews were not created using AI tools.

The addition of AI-generated summaries comes as members of a local union raise concerns about proposed contract language regarding the use of AI. Accordingly Digidayunionized workers Democrat & ChroniclePeople in Rochester, New York were alarmed when they saw a clause added During negotiations, their contract stated: “Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to generate news content.”

AI-generated summaries of news articles reflect what’s happening on search platforms: At the Google I/O developer conference this week, the tech giant unveiled all the ways AI would become part of search, including adding AI answers at the top of results pages . Even TikTok is experimenting with AI-generated “summaries” on search results pages. The prospect of elevating AI answers – based on human-generated content – ​​over actual websites and links could be detrimental to publishers and their traffic, as users abandon after reading AI summaries rather than continue with the source material.

Gannett did not immediately respond The edgequestions whether AI summaries could distract readers from reading the actual story.

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