EXCLUSIVE: K-Pop Star Kim Woo Jin Talks New EP 'I Like the Way'; Recalls Visits to New Delhi and Mumbai: “I Hope to Spend a Pleasant Time with You All on My Next Visit to India” – Bollywood Hungama - Latest Global News

EXCLUSIVE: K-Pop Star Kim Woo Jin Talks New EP ‘I Like the Way’; Recalls Visits to New Delhi and Mumbai: “I Hope to Spend a Pleasant Time with You All on My Next Visit to India” – Bollywood Hungama

South Korean star Kim Woo Jin fascinates audiences with his latest EP: I like the way. Known for soulful ballads like “Still dreaming” And ‘growing pains’In April 2024, Kim took a bold step and ventured into a new genre of music. This departure from previous aesthetics is evident in the music video, which pulses with a sensual energy that complements its undeniable charm. In a current exclusive interview with Bollywood Hungamathe singer spoke about his artistic development and his experiences in India.

EXCLUSIVE: K-Pop Star Kim Woo Jin Talks New EP ‘I Like the Way’; recalls visits to New Delhi and Mumbai: “I hope that I can spend a pleasant time with all of you on my next visit to India.”

Kim showed a new confidence in his storytelling and expressed a desire to be more honest and direct in his music compared to previous works. I like the way seems to be the manifestation of this artistic metamorphosis, allowing Woo Jin to translate his feelings and experiences into a sound that resonates deeply. The interview also highlights his connection with his fan base, affectionately known as CUBS. He openly expressed his appreciation for their support and even sent a special message of love to his Indian fans. This heartwarming gesture further strengthens the bond between Woo Jin and his global audience.

Congratulations on your new EP I like the way! The songs are pretty catchy. Thank you for a wonderful music album. What are the fan reactions to the EP so far? What do the fans say?
I think it’s good because I saw some comments: “Oh, Woojin, this hairstyle, this outfit and this music genre, everything is good!” So, I was satisfied.

How do you feel about the album and how much love it has received?
I feel comfortable because I prepare a lot of things when recording and take a photo and a music video. It was a pretty tough time. But now really comfortable and I’m really happy now.

What was your creative process when working on the EP? What was your inspiration and how did the EP come about?
I used to focus on what kind of music the audience wants to hear, but this album is my personal story. Let’s talk comfortably. I focused on telling my story. I really enjoyed the process, but in some ways it was too personal. I was worried about whether I could get this far. Because I never talked about it in my previous album. This is how it came about.

You’ve said that it’s your story you want to tell in this EP. So is there a TMI you can share with us? Is there an interesting, funny or unexpected incident?
It’s nothing special but I always get hurt when I shoot for a music video. The first music video, for example, “Still Dream”. I scratched my wrist. [For] this last album I like the way I was playing the bass, so I hurt my fingers again.

Please be careful when recording your music videos! In the past you’ve mentioned wanting to try something in the rock genre or something heavier. Is there another genre you would like to try?
Actually in this album I tried a new genre which is Afrobeat. I was nervous because it was my first time doing Afrobeat. But when I recorded the song, I felt like it suited me. But yes, I also want to do rock genre. Nobody knows!

Nobody really knows! What’s the process of writing a song? Do you write the melody or the lyrics first? Can you walk us through your songwriting process?
With the exception of this album, when I make a song I usually start with the melody. And after I finish the melody, I write the lyrics.

Where do you get the inspiration to make music?
CUBS and me. It’s that simple. What I want to say or what they want is my inspiration.

How do you overcome writer’s block? What strategies or techniques do you use?
I’ll just rest! I think it’s for the best. If you feel like you’re stuck, just take a break and come back to it later with a fresh mind.

Kim Woo Jin as an actress and Kim Woo Jin as a singer, what is the difference between these two roles? Do you have a different approach when it comes to acting? How do you prepare for your role?
A lot of things are different. When it comes to acting, I need to catch up quickly and learn a lot more attitude. On the other hand, when I make music, I think it’s different because I’m trying to get better through the experiences I’ve had so far. That’s the difference between these two personas.

What is your process like when preparing for a role? Do you have a ritual that you go through?
My acting teacher said to throw away the script and just not look at it. And the most important thing is to remember, if I were this character, what feelings, what words would he have wanted to say? I think this is important to know.

Q: Are there any memorable events from your drama? Beyond the wardrobe?
There were many things because I paid a lot of attention to the acting part. The most memorable was the scene where we had to eat spicy food but the food wasn’t spicy at all. But I had to pretend it was spicy, and I did. I think it turned out well, so I’m happy. And the music video we shot in Brazil? I think it was really fun.

If you had to choose your next role, which one would you choose? For example, which character would you like to play next if you had the chance to choose?
I want to try out a lot of characters, but I mostly want to try out the one who is really nice. I want to play a character who wants to protect a loved one.

Now let’s have a fun round. What fun activities do you do when you’re not working? How to rewind and recharge?
Yes, there is a two-way method. I have two options. The first is to travel. The second is to eat delicious food. It’s my little happiness.

Of all your previous songs, which song do you personally like best and why?
growing pains’ is my favorite song because I like the tempo, the melody and just everything.

If someone were to listen to you for the first time, how would you describe your music to them?
Refreshing’ And ‘a good voice.’ I think these are my strengths and my charm.

If you have the opportunity to return to India, what activities or cities would you like to visit in India?
I want to go to New Delhi again. I have a great time in all cities. But yes, I want to go to New Delhi. I also have good memories of Mumbai.

Can you give us a spoiler for your next activity this year?
It will be a concept with a mature feel and songs.

What message do you have for CUBS (fandom name) in India?
I recently visited India for the second time. I am grateful for your love and support. I hope I can spend a pleasant time with you all on my next visit to India. Until then, please wait for me! I love you, CUBS!

Watch the music video for Kim Woo Jin’s I like the way’ Here:

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