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Evil is Back to Remind Us That Horror Television Can Be Smart, Clever and Full of Doom

It’s time to crack open a canned margarita and make a candy salad: Devilish is back for its fourth and final season. All signs point to an impending end of the world since the beginning of the series’ first season– and really, there’s no other horror show we’d rather watch if that happened.

DevilishThe final season consists of 10 episodes – plus four bonus episodes that serve as an extended series finale. io9 has watched the first four episodes and we obviously won’t give away any plot twists in this review for fear of the demons that populate them DevilishThe shadowy corners come after us. But it doesn’t give anything away to say that Kristen (Katja Herbers), Ben (Aasif Mandvi) and David (Mike Colter) are now best friends, as well as a team of evaluators (a psychiatrist, a techie, and a priest). Investigating alleged possessions and miracles for the Catholic Church are about to embark on their wildest ride yet. And if you’ve seen the Season 4 trailer, you know that the big Season 3 cliffhanger is resolved at the start of Season 4, when the anti-Christian baby is created from Kristen’s stolen egg and Leland Townsend’s (Michael Emerson) demonic sperm Deputy Leslie (Molly Brown) makes his projectile vomit debut.

Devilish Season four begins right where season three ended; We find out what happens after Kristen realizes exactly who is being celebrated at the baby shower she stumbled into. Her reaction isn’t what you’d expect, but it’s priceless – and like you would Expect her to once again cut ties with her mother Sheryl (Christine Lahti), who was now supposedly in league with Team Hell all along. As season four progresses, however, we find that Sheryl Leland in particular, and the corporate structure of Satanism in general, has grown weary, particularly in terms of its raging sexism – something Devilish It bears a clear parallel to his denunciation of rampant sexism in the Catholic Church and attempts to stop it from ascending. Furthermore, it becomes clear that although Sheryl has joined the dark side and become estranged from her family, she still cares deeply about protecting her daughter and granddaughters from their colleagues who wish to harm them. (Plus, their outfits are kind of consistent more fabulous this season.)

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After Father Korecki (Boris McGiver) was murdered last season – a tragedy that still reverberates in the fourth season – the ironic Father Ignatius (Wallace Shawn) is now in charge of the assessors, and Ben can no longer hold the group back is sent to a cemetery to search for what appears to be a werewolf: “Does it look like these tasks are being accepted?” stranger?’ Season four reverses last season’s pop-up Book of Demons, a clever animation used to introduce each episode The big pop-up book of science. This may sound more grounded, but it’s actually just a different approach to some of these DevilishHis favorite topics include hostile technologies, the insidious powers of the Internet, and the often inexplicable workings of the human brain.

The tasks – as enjoyably strange as they are, particularly a visit to a truly spooky particle accelerator – seem to fade into the background Devilish‘s characters, at least in these early episodes. Sheryl and Leland deal with workplace drama and trying to tempt Kristen into raising the spawn of Satan. David, once again referred to as a “friend of the Vatican” by the secret entity, is guided to further develop his psychic abilities. Ben, haunted by an increasingly malevolent djinn, tries to find a scientific solution to a supernatural problem. and Sister Andrea (Andrea Martin) increases her ability to kill demons. Meanwhile, Kristen’s husband Andy (Patrick Brammall) is still feeling the effects of his hellish season three ordeal; Her daughters, still as talkative as ever, haven’t been given much to do, although eldest daughter Lynn (Brooklyn Shuck) is still exploring her religious side, with the reluctant help of Sister Andrea.

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Devoted Devilish Fans will especially enjoy the callbacks to previous seasons scattered throughout these first few episodes, including a return of the cursed TikTok clone VidTap and some familiar faces, like Tara Summers’ murderous nurse (you know, the one with the squeaky ones shoes). But even if you don’t get the inside jokes or the hints of what’s to come, we don’t get to see apocalyptic prophet Grace Ling yet, but she’s been mentioned a few times; The demonic sigils representing the 60 houses also reappear – you can still appreciate them Devilishis a succinct look at what true malevolence looks like in 2024.

Here’s what it comes down to: The forces of darkness are scary, but not so much in the traditional way they’re meant with robes and human sacrifice – an image brought up in season four and quickly debunked. Instead, they are frightening in the way they use technology and social media to perpetuate fear, hate and fear. As Kristen puts it: “The world is a crazy place and there are people trying to make it even crazier so they can control us.” As the clock keeps ticking Devilish, we’ll have to watch to see if our flawed but lovable heroes can find a way to put Satan in his place – or if the end of the show will truly be the end of the world. Either way, we’re going to miss this twisted treat of a series.

Devilish Season four premieres May 23 on Paramount+.

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