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EVgo Adds Tesla Cables to Its Chargers – Kelley Blue Book

It’s been a chaotic few weeks for electric vehicle (EV) owners just trying to figure out where to charge their batteries. But beyond the headlines, there is some progress in building a nationwide fee system that everyone can use.

Charging provider EVgo has announced that it will “begin deploying North American Charging Standard (NACS) connectors on its fast charging network later this year.”

Different brands use different cables

Nowadays, different electric vehicles have different charging ports, and not every electric vehicle can be connected to every public charger. Tesla has long had a proprietary connector style – the NACS connector – while most of the automotive industry uses a second one called Combined Charging System (CCS).

Tesla operates a nationwide charging network that was only open to Tesla users. Several companies had built other networks using the CCS connector to serve non-Tesla owners. Think of them like gas stations – most gas stations in America are not operated by any company, and that doesn’t matter to drivers.

Last year, the auto industry finally realized that a split made little sense. For electric vehicles to become as popular as gasoline cars, their owners must be able to use any charger, just as drivers of gasoline cars can use any gas station.

Therefore, virtually the entire automotive industry agreed to switch to the Tesla-style NACS connector, and Tesla agreed to allow it.

This year, most automakers are still building electric vehicles with a CCS connector and plan to send owners adapters that will allow them to connect them to NACS chargers. Next year most people will install the NACS port in their cars.

All other networks must connect the NACS cable to their chargers for a single nationwide system to function. EVgo is one of the first to do this.

The company says its chargers will have two cables for the foreseeable future – a NACS and a CCS.

EVgo is particularly important because 40% of its chargers are so-called Level 3 fast chargers – the fastest type of charger, useful for electric vehicle owners on long journeys who need to recharge quickly.

Changing charging landscape

The future of the store is still a little unclear this week.

Tesla operates the largest charging network in the country, but its future is unclear. Late last month, the company suddenly laid off the entire team that maintains and expands this network. EVgo is one of several companies that have seized the opportunity presented by Tesla’s decision.

The company wants to take over some planned future charging locations that Tesla may have abandoned. EVgo says it is “actively exploring additional opportunities to rapidly expand its footprint and serve more Tesla EV drivers with potential partners.”

However, according to a new report, Tesla is rehiring some of the laid-off workers so that the company can resume construction on some of these projects.

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