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Everything We Know About the ‘Young Sheldon’ Spinoff Series

Young Sheldon is saying goodbye after seven seasons, but the Cooper family will be back on TV soon!

A spin-off from The big Bang Theory The spinoff was commissioned by CBS and focuses on Sheldon’s older brother Georgie (Montana Jordan), his wife Mandy (Emily Osment) and her young family.

ET recently spoke to Jordan and Osment on the upcoming series to be called Georgie and Mandy’s first marriageand the duo admitted that their excitement about the upcoming show helped ease the heartache of saying goodbye Young Sheldon.

“I’m grateful and blessed that they gave us this opportunity,” Jordan said of the spinoff will start shooting this summer. “It kind of helps take your mind off it a little bit.”

“It does, yes,” Osment agreed. “We’re lucky to have something sweet to look forward to.”

“It’s my dream to be able to continue this story and do it with this guy? … I’m thrilled,” she added.

Here’s everything we know about the upcoming show:


Georgie and Mandy’s love story began in Young Sheldon In season five, the high school student’s relationship with a woman 12 years his senior was met with disapproval from both families. However, when Mandy became pregnant and eventually gave birth to a baby girl, whom they named Constance after Meemaw, the couple settled down and won everyone over with their sweet, unconventional relationship.

Fans know that the spin-off will focus on the young family’s personal lives – namely Big Bang Theory Unfortunately, fans know that there will be a divorce at some point – but many other details have not been revealed, not even to the stars themselves.

“It will be a surprise for us too” Osment told ET. “We don’t know until right before we start filming.”

While they may not know much yet, Osment and Jordan said they’re hoping for “good luck” filming the new show The Big Bang Theory‘s soundstage and the charisma during it Young Sheldon‘s time window.

Young Sheldon“It was understandable,” Jordan said. “I hope to see how people can relate to him because I think it was a success.” Young Sheldon.”

Montana Jordan and Emily Osment in Young Sheldon.CBS


Apparently, Osment and Jordan are confirmed to star in the spinoff, and in May 2024, Osment confirmed to ET that Rachel Bay Jones and Will Sasso will also reprise their roles Young Sheldon Role as Mandy’s parents Audrey and Jim McAllister as series regulars in the new show.

The show goes on Young Sheldon Stopping also leaves the door open for Georgie’s family members to appear on her show for cameo appearances or larger roles.

This could include Georgie’s mother Mary (Zoe Perry), Sister Missy (Raegan Revord), Meemaw Connie (Annie Potts) and her boyfriend Dale (Craig T. Nelson), and many more. It is also possible that Sheldon (Iain Armitage), however, might occasionally appear The big Bang Theory strongly suggests that the brilliant scientist rarely returns to Texas after moving to California.

When ET spoke to the Young Sheldon Potts, who was cast before the series finale, seemed to think an appearance in the new spin-off was a distinct possibility.

“I might hear from them about coming to visit us, but that’s not set in stone yet,” she shared.

Then of course there’s Georgie and Mandy’s little daughter, nicknamed “CeeCee,” and any other children the couple might have.

The “Young Sheldon” cast poses on the set of the first season.AND


Jordan and Osment told ET this production continues Georgie and Mandy’s first marriage was scheduled to begin in July 2024, with the show ordered for television series in 2024–25.

The series – which is filmed in front of a studio audience The big Bang Theory – is produced by Chuck Lorre, Steven Molaro and Steve Holland, all of whom also produced The big Bang Theory And Young Sheldon.


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