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Everything AI Enables in Windows 11 and Saves You Time

AI is becoming an important part of our digital lives and Microsoft has welcomed the new technology with open arms. So much so that Microsoft now offers a huge range of AI tools directly from Windows 11, led by Microsoft’s new digital assistant, Copilot.

The real benefit of AI is that it can help you get work done faster. AI tools are great at saving users time that they can use for other tasks – at least for now. And there are many more AI tools on the way that can save you time – so you can expect to see more and more time saved in the months and years to come.

Curious how you can use AI to save time in Windows 11? Here are the best current features.

Simple search functions

The first thing AI tools have gotten reasonably good at is search. To be clear, AI tools hallucinate information—that is, when it comes to search, they are bound to get it wrong sometimes. This means you should double-check important information, especially when it’s information of great consequence.


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However, Copilot is still pretty good at searching and also provides sources for its information – so you can click on the sources and check if the information is correct if necessary. Copilot also allows you to ask follow-up questions, which is much faster than having to search through multiple topics on the internet.

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Summarize documents

With AI in Windows 11, you don’t necessarily have to read entire, long documents. Instead, you can ask Copilot to summarize documents for you. This is possible in a few different apps and services. For example, you can ask Copilot to summarize articles in Microsoft Edge or summarize documents in Word.

Image creation functions

There are some handy AI image creation tools in Windows too – and more tools are coming. Right now, you can use Microsoft Designer to create images for you. Just type in some text input and Designer will create an image. From there, you can edit and refine the image – using both AI tools and manual graphic design tools.

Generate text

As you might expect, Copilot can also generate its own text, which can be useful in many situations. For example, you can activate Copilot from the Pages app and ask it to generate text by describing the type of text you want the assistant to create. From there, you can have Copilot change the tone of the text or ask it to rewrite the text based on additional prompts. Then just click the “Add to Page” button and your new text will appear in your document.

Recall (upcoming)

One of the most powerful upcoming AI tools for Windows 11 will first appear in Microsoft’s new generation of computers, called Microsoft Copilot+ PCs. These computers feature powerful new AI processors that can handle local AI functions like recall.

Recall essentially keeps track of the things you do on your computer and allows you to easily find documents, websites, images and more by asking Copilot about them. Remember when you found a recipe you wanted to cook a few weeks ago but now you can’t find the web page? That’s the kind of thing Recall can help with. With the tool, you should be able to just ask Copilot to help you find it and it will look through the log of what you’ve done on your computer.

You can disable this feature if you want, and choose which apps and websites it will or won’t work with. And Microsoft is quick to point out that these snapshots are stored locally, not uploaded to the cloud.

Cocreate (coming soon)

Cocreate takes image editing tools to the next level. Cocreate on Copilot+ PCs lets you sketch designs in Paint and link that information to text prompts to have Cocreate create a new image for you. The feature will also be available in Microsoft Photos and could be perfect for those who simply need graphics for a document, for example.

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