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Everrati and W Motors Join Forces

Everrati has announced a strategic partnership with luxury hypercar manufacturer and mobility solutions provider W Motors.

Through the merger, the two companies will combine their expertise in vehicle design and engineering to advance the development and manufacturing of tailored electric vehicles across various sectors in the Middle East and beyond.

The collaboration will see W Motors become Everrati’s production partner for the region, enabling production of its electrified portfolio in Dubai. This allows Everrati to expand its global presence and meet increasing international demand.

In return, Everrati will develop and deliver advanced electric drive solutions for W Motors for upcoming zero-emission vehicles through its B2B division “Powered by Everrati”. Thanks to its unique blend of proprietary EV technology combined with in-house expertise, Powered by Everrati enables B2B customers to quickly bring almost any type of specialty electric vehicle to life, leveraging proven, flexible and scalable premium electric drive and software technologies.

Everrati will also establish a Center of Excellence in the Middle East region, located at the W Motors automobile factory in Dubai

Justin Lunny, Founder and CEO of Everrati, said: “I am very pleased to announce this strategic partnership with W Motors, a company that has quickly established itself not only as a leading luxury hypercar manufacturer, but also as a pioneer for sustainable, tailored mobility solutions.” This agreement will allow Everrati to expand our presence in the Middle East, a key market for our redefined and electrified icons, while giving W Motors the opportunity to use our self-developed, advanced, OEM-quality electric drive technologies for its to use future vehicles.”

Ralph R. Debbas, Chairman, Founder and CEO of W Motors, added: “For more than a decade, W Motors has earned a reputation as a leader in the design, development, engineering and manufacture of the world’s most luxurious and desirable hypercars. Such vehicles are in our blood and inspire our shared passion, but we also have our sights firmly set on the future of mobility.

“Everrat’s electrified icons and proprietary powertrains set new standards. We are proud to partner with such a pioneering brand, playing a key role in its continued expansion in the Middle East and beyond, while leveraging their technical expertise to support.” W Motors’ growth in the development of bespoke electric vehicles in both Luxury and sustainable mobility sectors. This partnership will also give us the opportunity to explore electric vehicle options for the GHIATH program, developed in collaboration with Dubai Police and falling under our Security and Defense Department.”

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