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Elle King Tells How Dolly Parton Reacted to Her Drunken Performance

Elle King talks about it her drunken appearance. In the latest episode of iHeartPodcasts Dear ChelseaKing told the host Chelsea handlers What really happened on the “really crazy” night she performed? Dolly Parton Tribute at the Grand Ole Opry while drunk.

“So I said a clear no. Not only was I cursing on stage and banging on the Grand Ole Opry, but it was Dolly Parton’s birthday and the Opry was doing a tribute to Dolly Parton,” King said. “I didn’t talk about it because, firstly, I just needed to relax… what I was going through something very heavy and traumatic in my life Back then, and that day was a really big day, dealing with what I went through and then I’m still going through it and suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Recalling the day of the incident in January, King said: “I hadn’t eaten for days, I hadn’t slept and I was really overwhelmed. I was like a shell of myself.” King noted that she wasn’t scheduled to perform that night, but “this other singer who was supposed to be the headliner pulled out three hours before and they asked me if I would sing, if I would be the headliner and sing ‘Jolene.'”

King immediately agreed because she knew the legendary track. The first of the night’s two performances went “damn perfectly,” King said, noting that the trouble started with the late show of the night.

“I take one too many injections and I’m just not there in my body. I am not there. I don’t remember it,” she said. “…I know what I said now. I said, ‘I’m Elle King and I’m totally exhausted.’ The curtain suddenly fell on me as if I was 100 percent distant as I lay on the floor just sobbing. And the next day it was like everywhere else.

Afterward, said the Opry that they “deeply regret and apologize for the language used during King’s performance,” and the singer has postponed their upcoming concerts.

“I was embarrassed,” King said. “I hand-wrote a letter of apology to the Opry. I hand-wrote a letter of apology to Dolly.”

Parton wasn’t upset about the performance. In fact, when she called King days later, the singer declared Parton to be “literal proof that angels exist.”

“She just said really nice words to me and said, ‘Well, Dolly isn’t mad at you, why should the world be?'” King recalled. “[She] made me laugh. This is the kindness of women.”

“This is what I received and I will never, ever forget because I wanted to fucking die,” she continued. “I had to withdraw from the population for a while because things just weren’t getting any better.”

King added: “No matter what I’ve done in my life and what’s happened to me – I don’t feel like I owe it to anyone in the damn world to explain – I don’t.” I think it excuses the fact that maybe I damn well shouldn’t have drank.

“It’s like a sacred stage and I messed it up,” she admitted. “For all the people asking me to apologize: Hey, if you were there that night and I didn’t have a chance to tell you I’m sorry, then I apologize.”

King finally did Have your say on Instagramby writing, “To everyone sending me love because I am human and have already spoken to Dolly: I love you. To everyone who told me to kill myself, I love you too.”

“People told me that I should give up my child, that I was an unfit mother and that I should separate from myself,” King said on the podcast of her son Lucky, whom she gave birth to in 2021. “Maybe I had a little aggression building up from that… The people who sent me those messages weren’t even on the show, no one is going to be harder on me than me, and I’m very, very hard on myself . I’m ashamed.

While King said she was “not grateful” for the accomplishment and its aftermath, she noted, “That’s when I hit a massive wall and made changes in my life. I feel like it’s making me a stronger person.”

“I’m not grateful for it, but at the same time I can find a silver lining in literally everything,” she said. “I will choose to use this as a tool not to defeat myself, but to hopefully make me a better person and I can learn from my mistakes. Now I don’t drink before I go up and sing,” and they’re the best shows I’ve ever played. I’m proud to say that.


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