Ella Bands is Clarifying Her Relationship Status with a Boogie After Allegations That She Was Dating an Influencer's Ex Went Viral - Latest Global News

Ella Bands is Clarifying Her Relationship Status with a Boogie After Allegations That She Was Dating an Influencer’s Ex Went Viral

Ella bands she clarifies and A boogies relationship status following viral allegations that she was dating an influencer’s ex-boyfriend.

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Ella Bands clarifies the relationship between her and a boogie

Ella recently took to Snapchat to respond to a fan who asked if she and Boogie were still together. In response, Ella explained that she and the rapper are “not together” and have not been in recent months.

“But you know how men are (you’re not done until they say so) lmao,” she added. “And it’s very difficult for him to take me seriously when I say I don’t want to be together, because of course I’ve taken him back so many times.”

Ella explained that she and Boogie “go through things like normal people.” However, none of their public trials or breakups were a publicity stunt.

Additionally, Ella stated that she will always support the rapper as she is his “biggest supporter.”

“I want to see him at his best,” she said. “I’ve always been that way with him, he’s really my best friend… Even though I can’t stand him sometimes, I’m always there for him and at the end of the day he’s the father of my children.”

Ella explained that because of this, she and Boogie will always “represent” each other and she hopes they can remain “best friends” in the future.

The mother of two explains the demise of her romance as a reaction to social media

Continuing her message, Ella explained that she and Boogie have been together since they were 20 years old. She also understood that he was a boy with fame and money, so she always tried to be “understanding.”

“…I didn’t want to leave my husband, who I know loves me (cheating or not…), just to get with the next man who will do the same thing,” she explained. “But at the end of the day it becomes a problem… because now I can’t love you out loud because I’m embarrassed, now the trust is broken…”

Ultimately, Ella explained she was unable to love Boogie “properly” and their romance had become “exhausting and toxic.”

“Moral of the story sucks I tried lmao,” she wrote. “I feel like all relationships turn to shit so I decided to stay in mine as long as the man tries, but sometimes it’s too late.”

Social media users reacted to Ella’s post in the comments section of The Shade Room.

Instagram user @daperfectbody30 wrote: I agree with her, we have ALL been there and some of us are still in the situation! So yeah, everyone needs to be quiet!”

While Instagram user @msknocki added: They break up 10 times a year… we don’t believe that.”

Instagram user @sofakingadorable wrote: That was well said and I understand it.”

Here’s why Ella Bands and A Boogie’s relationship made headlines recently

As The Shade Room previously reported, “Ella and A Boogie” initially made headlines after influencer Marcy Diaz called her out for allegedly dating her ex-boyfriend.

In response, Ella appeared to mock Diaz.

In response, A Boogie shared on social media that he was “DTB.” [Don’t Trust B*****s] FOR LIFE.”

A few days later, according to The Shade Room, Boogie even released a song in which he addressed his relationship with Ella and admitted that she no longer loved him.

Despite the viral ordeal, the two recently shared photos from their trip to Disneyland with their son and daughter.

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