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Dell Gives Hybrid Employees ‘red Flags’ Due to Badge Swipes | Entrepreneur

A few months after Dell cracked down on remote work by barring remote workers from getting promotions, the tech company is now monitoring how often hybrid workers invade its U.S. offices.

Dell takes employee badge swipe frequency into account and assigns a flag color to keep track: blue, green, yellow, or red. The flag color will help determine how hybrid employees are evaluated, rewarded, and compensated at the end of the quarter according to an internal memo seen by Business Insider.

Dell began monitoring attendance on May 6th. According to the memo, employees have been seeing their weekly site visit data on Dell’s Workday HR platform since Monday.

A Dell Technologies office building in Round Rock, Texas. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

The more employees come to work in person, the better the color of a corresponding workday flag to reflect their presence.

Dell-branded Blue Flags are the highest ranking and indicate that an employee spent at least 39 days in the office per quarter, an average of about 3 days per week.

Green flags represent “regular on-site presence,” yellow flags represent “some on-site presence,” and red flags represent “limited on-site presence,” in descending order.

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Dell employees anonymously reported that they felt like they were back at school.

“HR will maintain an attendance report on employees and classify them into four levels,” a source told The Register.

Other anonymous sources at Dell reported disappointment with the technology company that was once a leader in remote work.

“Dell is no longer a place where employees were respected and valued,” a Dell employee told BI. “There are so many people who are demoralized and hurt by these policies.”

Dell’s headcount has declined since 2020, when it hit an all-time high of 165,000 employees. According to Statista, Dell employed about 120,000 people this year.

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Dell first called employees back to the office in February, writing in an internal memo that “career advancement, including applying for new roles within the company, will require a team member to be reclassified as a hybrid on-site.”

Employees suspected at the time that the policy might be a way to quietly fire people after Dell laid off thousands last year. A Dell source collected data on the makeup of remote teams and found that the policy would “overwhelmingly” affect women.

Dell did not immediately respond EntrepreneurRequest for comments.

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