Deiondra Sanders Gives an Update on Her Baby Bump, Days After Dreezy Seemingly Hinted That Jacquees is Still on Her Line - Latest Global News

Deiondra Sanders Gives an Update on Her Baby Bump, Days After Dreezy Seemingly Hinted That Jacquees is Still on Her Line

Deiondra Sanders recently gave fans a visual update on her baby bump! As previously reported, the daughter of famous trainer Deion Sanders is expecting her first child Jacquees. Days before Deiondra’s update, his ex-girlfriend Dreezy claimed the father of the unborn child was STILL on the phone.

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Deiondra Sanders shares NEW belly pics

Deiondra first confirmed that she was expecting a child in early March. At the time, she revealed previous struggles with health issues related to her reproductive system. She cited these problems, including fibroids and poor prognosis for a full-term pregnancy, as the reason for giving birth to her child.

Jacquees later confirmed that he is the father when he posted shots of him and Deiondra on a tropical vacation. In the caption he wrote: “My definition of real love.” In one photo he kissed his baby bump.

The R&B singer is not visible in her latest baby bump photos. In fact, Sanders’ feed post and additional photos on Instagram Story showed that she was surrounded by her loved ones.

She wore a two-piece pink outfit with a white tank top. She had the top tucked over her baby bump! In the caption: “I can’t believe I actually went this long without lashes and makeup lol. I’m so pretty.”

In a follow-up post to her Instagram Story on Thursday, Deiondra Sanders shared a side profile photo of her stomach. She wore casual basketball shorts, a tank top and pink Crocs. Her caption read: “Every time I walk past a mirror I still think, ‘Bih, you’re really pregnant.'”

Earlier this month, the new mother had a virtual interview with health activist Coach Gessie Thompson. She opened up about her pregnancy and revealed that she was on bed rest because her cervix “opened a little bit.”

Almost a week ago, Deiondra had a cervical suture, called a cerclage, put in to correct the problem. In one of the photos she shared, Jacquees appeared to be at her bedside.

Her family and her “baby,” presumably Jacquee’s, held a “Bundle of Joy” celebration for her earlier this month. However, their gender reveal party is coming up this Saturday (May 18). She told Coach Gessie that she is now a team boy at Jacquees.

Was Dreezy throwing shots?

While Deiondra Sanders was enjoying her first Mother’s Day, Dreezy appeared to take shots at her ex-boyfriend on X (formerly Twitter).

“How do you get yourself to stop stalking you? Blocking obviously doesn’t work. A family obviously doesn’t work…” Dreezy wrote on May 12th.

When another user replied, “On Mother’s Day,” Dreezy added, “Just disrespectful.” [laughing and skull emojis].”

It wouldn’t be the first time Dreezy has called the shots with the expectant couple. In fact, she was the one who first revealed Deiondra’s pregnancy on social media in February.

Deiondra had seemingly called the rapper “obsessed,” and in response, Dreezy came clean. She released alleged text messages from Jac in which he asked to impregnate her and admitted he wanted her.

“I’m obsessed with you guys having a baby soon but the n***a is begging to get me pregnant because he barely has the bird brain.” Dreezy wrote in a now-deleted post.

In another post, Dreezy added: “TF, I turn down your n***a for you EVERY DAY. And that’s the thanks I get from this friend.” including laughing emojis. She later released a song called “B***h Duh,” which appeared to be directed at the couple.

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