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Dalljiet Kaur Moves Back to Kenya Amid Ugly Row with Nikhil? Releases Picture Highlighting Location

Dalljiet Kaur has been making headlines with her personal life. The actress married Nikhil Patel in 2023, and it was only eight months later that problems started cropping up in the actress’s married life. Dalljiet moved back to India with her son just a few months after her wedding to the Kenyan-based businessman. For the past few days, the ugly quarrel between the actress and her estranged husband has been making waves on social media.

Has Dalljiet Kaur returned to Kenya after her ugly fight with Nikhil Patel?

For the unaware, Dalljiet Kaur has accused Nikhil Patel of an extramarital affair and denying her existence. However, Nikhil had sent Dalljiet a legal notice. Well, it seems like there is no end to the fight as the actress has apparently returned to Kenya and her latest IG story hinted at the same.

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Some time ago, Dalljiet posted a photo with her friends on her IG stories. In the photo, the actress is seen spending time with her friends at a restaurant. Dressed in a black dress, the actress looked stunning. A touch of makeup, dark lipstick and open hair made her look special. However, what caught everyone’s attention was the location that was tagged in this photo, which was “Nairobi, Kenya”. There is no denying that such a photo made us wonder if Dalljiet has returned to Kenya. She wrote about it:

“When you meet your girl group.”

Dalljiet Kaur asked Nikhil Patel to stop “poking” her.

For the past few days, Dalljiet Kaur has been posting cryptic posts on her IG stories. After Nikhil Patel stated that he had sent her several legal notices because she had used social media without his consent to accuse him, Dalljiet posted a short clip. In the clip, Dalljiet revealed that Nikhil had sent her tons of legal notices. In the caption, the actress mentioned that he should just stop annoying her.

Dalljiet Kaur accused Nikhil Patel of denying her marriage and having an extramarital affair

After remaining silent for a few months, Dalljiet shocked everyone with a cryptic message. She reposted Nikhil’s IG story where he was seen at the gym. However, the actress highlighted ‘SN’ in the photo and some other photos. In one message, the actress lambasted her husband and stated that he should show some dignity to his kids and wife. However, in another IG post, she stated that her husband had rejected their wedding and her too.

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Nikhil Patel announced that his and Dalljiet’s marriage was not final

In an interview with ETimes, Nikhil Patel stated that he and Dalljiet got married only according to Hindu ritual and that it was not legally binding. He added that the reason for their separation was cultural clashes and different values. He also mentioned that the actress’ return to India meant the end of their marriage.

What do you think about Dalljiet’s return to Kenya?

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