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Congratulations! Manika Gamble Becomes the First Black Woman to Win Namibia’s 155-mile Race

Manika Gamble recently became the first black woman to win the 155 mile race in Namibia!

ESSENCE reports that the experienced athlete succeeded despite the pain she endured while running through the desert.

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Gamble has been running marathons for 12 years and is passionate about bringing sneakers to the pavement. She also enjoys doing crazy tricks. Running mega marathons with beautiful landscapes around the world fills her dream.

In this case, she had to run 155 miles in the Namibia desert, the oldest desert in the world. Additionally, the race is self-sustaining.

“It’s quite a transition into the distance from sprinting, but the joy I feel is immeasurable” Manika shared. “Ultramarathons take me out into nature, where I can feel the fresh air and immediately feel at home while running.”

Additionally, she told ESSENCE: “I was inspired when I saw a video on YouTube that made the Namibia race look so beautiful and challenging. It combined everything I wanted to do, so I went for it.”

Additionally, she shared the pain she endured during the race.

“The Gators I had on my sneakers broke on the first day, so I had blisters on my feet the first day, which was a big challenge for me. “I couldn’t prepare myself for this pain,” Gamble explained.

The runner said she told herself during the race that she would never do it again, but after a few days she changed her mind. Manika is now looking forward to her next challenge.

Thousands of people around the world have shown their support for Manika’s achievement. The well-known athlete shared on social media how she prepared for the difficult race through an intensive training process. Additionally, she shared the clothes she would wear in her big race and highlighted her experiences in Africa. She also shared why she wanted to take on the unthinkable challenge.

After the super race, Manika was resting at her home in Atlanta, Georgia.

Namibia’s locals were thrilled when Manika became the first black woman to finish the race.

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