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Cher and Son Elijah Blue Allman Agree to Suspension of Conservatorship

Cher and her son, Elijah Blue Allman, have reached a tentative agreement after months of litigation the singer’s effort to act as his temporary conservator.

According to court documents obtained by ET, the 77-year-old musician and her 47-year-old son attended a private mediation session on May 7. During mediation, both parties agreed to “suspend all litigation and related activities, including…” all discovery and motion practices, to allow the parties to continue to work together to resolve this matter privately and confidentially.”

The temporary stay comes nearly four months after a judge rejected the request The singer’s attempt to temporarily act as a caregiver for her son for the second time.

Per The Associated PressIn January, a judge ruled that a conservatorship was not urgently needed for Allman. Cher claimed that her son needed a conservator because there were large payments outstanding from the trust set up by his late father, musician Gregg Allman, and that kind of money would put Allman in danger due to previous mental health and drug problems.

ET independently confirmed that Cher attended the hearing via Zoom but did not speak during the proceedings. For the second time in her attempt to establish a conservatorship for Allman, Cher has argued that she has access to a large sum of money could lead him back down a dark path full of drugs and put his life in danger.

Elijah Blue and his wife Marieangela “Queeny” KingEugene Powers Photography/Shutterstock

Allman’s lawyers had argued previously that a conservatory was not necessary. They had also argued that Cher was “unsuitable” to act as his conservator. In court documents, Allman admitted he struggled with addiction, but he is now in treatment and has been sober for more than three months.

If a conservatorship is required, Allman said in court documents, he would prefer to take on that role his wife Marieangela “Queeny” King, 36, from whom he was no longer estranged after him filed a motion to dismiss his divorce suit earlier this month.

“Given that I no longer have active dissolution proceedings, I believe my wife would have priority in being appointed conservator if necessary, but I don’t need that either,” Allman said in court documents (via USA today). “Under no circumstances do I feel comfortable having my mother as a conservator, even if that were necessary.”

The new court date scheduled for June 11th has been extended to September 13th so that Cher and Allman can continue to mediate the matters at hand.


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