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Shekhar Pathak, author, The Chipko Movement: ‘Ecology and economy are connected’

What made you write Hari Bhari Ummeed (2019) (translated by Manisha Chaudhry into English as The Chipko Movement), published by Vani Prakashan and the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies? Who were the readers you had in mind? As a participant in the Chipko movement and an inhabitant of the Chipko region, I felt that what … Read more

Playback: Impact of 2023 budget on businesses

Tonight the Business edition of PM express will talk about the impact of the 2023 Budget on businesses. Even before the budget would be approved, some economists have already expressed doubts about the revenue mobilisation measures outlined in the financial statement and economic policy. Join the discussion: DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements … Read more

ECB’s Lagarde warns some fiscal policies in Europe could fuel excess demand

BANGKOK, Dec 2 (Reuters) – European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde warned on Friday that some European governments’ fiscal policies could lead to excess demand, and that fiscal and monetary policies need to work in synch for sustainable, balanced economic growth. “Fiscal policies that create excess demand in a supply constrained economy might force monetary … Read more

Polarized politics – A reason for the economic crisis

Economic development is always linked with political stability. Political polarization in Pakistan is the major reason for the country’s economic downfall. When politicians and dictators came into power, they focused more on perpetuating their political careers rather than promoting national interests. The country’s initial economic models lacked consistency and continue to do so. The economic … Read more

A Reexamination of the Zambian Debt Crisis

Since the 2013 announcement of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, worries of Chinese economic imperialism through funding development projects have continued to inform Western opinions of China-Africa relations. In 2020, Zambia became the first post-COVID African state to “default on its Eurobonds,” eliciting renewed concern about Chinese “debt-trap diplomacy.” The fact that Chinese firms comprise … Read more

Finance Minister denies Nepal is passing through an economic crisis

Finance Minister Janardan Sharma, on Thursday, said that the country is not passing through an “economic crisis” as portrayed by the private sector. On Tuesday, the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the key private sector body, had warned that the country is in a financial crisis and the government is least bothered … Read more

Central Bank Governor most trusted by Sri Lankans to resolve economic crisis – Breaking News

Central Bank (CB) Governor Dr. Nandalal Weerasinghe has emerged as the most trusted and the only person commanding the trust of the majority of Sri Lankans to carry out economic reforms in resolving the present economic crisis, according to the ‘Economic Reform Index’ survey conducted by Social Indicator … Read more