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Can You Get Over This 2000 Ford F250 Overlander Combo for $70,000?

Today’s one with increased suspension and roof tent Good price or no dice F250 is literally three stories tall. You can get it without an RV for half the price, but as always with big trucks, let’s see what’s worth splurging on.

It has long been said that “good things come in small packages”. In contrast, it is also claimed that “size matters.” A prima facie example of such polar opinions can be found in yesterday’s 1972 Honda Trail 70 motorcycle. Small enough to fit in a trunk with the handlebars folded down, it had a contrastingly high price tag of $3,950. These irreconcilable opposites culminated in an 89 percent no-dice defeat.

What we should note about yesterday’s tiny Honda is that the price appeared to be in line with the market, as others in similar condition are asking the same thing. However, that doesn’t make it right, as you all noted in both the comments and the vote.

Another area where opinions may differ from those of fans of this category is the world of overlanding. This is the adventurous advocacy of driving to remote locations and living “off the grid” for a while in a normally powerful but extremely drivable four-wheel drive conversion van or camper truck.

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Today 2000 Ford F250 Superduty Crew Cab 4X4 is offered as a self-contained work truck with a modular bed in the rear, side-mounted tool boxes and a fold-down work table that can be removed for overflow space. Additionally, the seller is offering a 2022 Scout Kenai slide-in RV with a rooftop tent, abandoned RV jacks, and a standalone toilet, among other amenities, because unlike a bear, that’s not appropriate for us to shit in the woods.

The ad asks $35,000 for each component or $70,000 for the Wonder Twin combination. We’re going with the combination because it’s just so damn cool, but let’s look at them individually.

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Based on the description in the ad, the truck alone is pretty neat. The big beast is powered by a 7.3-liter PowerStroke turbodiesel V8. This offered 235 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque in this model year. This is supported by a ZF S6-650 six-speed manual transmission and all-wheel drive with solid axles at both ends. All of this has put the truck on a respectable 263,000 miles, but it’s a robust drivetrain and everything appears to be well maintained and up to date.

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The color of the matte paint is described as “Lieutenant Dan” green, and the seller installed new weatherstrips and a windshield prior to installation. Tires are big lugs, but strangely the seller says they will be fitting even bigger tires “shortly”.

The cabin appears clean and features later model captain’s chairs with hikers up front and a versatile folding bench in the back. Various electrical outlets and a large stereo system were also added. In fact, there’s almost too much here to mention, as the truck appears to have been obsessively modernized and kept in proper condition.

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On the other hand, the Scout Camper is only 2 years old and looks almost brand new. It sleeps six people and features a folding ladder for external access to the tent at the top, as well as an internal hatch for alternative entry. This is Scout’s top camper and offers off-grid comfort thanks to a space heater, portable shower, and indoor/outdoor propane hookups. While the 1,331-pound Kenai is also the largest Scout offering, it doesn’t overwhelm the full-size F250, making both models a perfect complement to each other. That’s why we’re asking $70,000 for the couple.

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This gives the buyer a seemingly solid, clean work van for the week, which can then be turned into a home on the go on the weekend. Or longer, considering the combined capabilities of the truck and RV.

What do you think of this combination and the $70,000 price tag? Does that seem like a fair deal for a well-stocked overlander? Or are you just over it at this price?

You decide!

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