• Bugatti has introduced the new Baby II Type 35 Centenary Edition.
  • The scale cars are inspired by the Type 35, which debuted at the 1924 Grand Prix de Lyon.
  • Production is limited to six units and they feature a 13 horsepower electric motor.

Bugatti is no stranger to releasing special editions, having created everything from the porcelain-covered Veyron Grand Sport to the exquisite W16 Mistral. However, their latest special edition is significantly smaller as it is the Baby II Type 35 Centenary Edition.

The model was developed in collaboration with The Little Car Company and celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Type 35’s debut at the Grand Prix de Lyon in 1924. Although the car was not victorious in the race, Bugatti noted that “the Type 35 continued to achieve success “achieved over 2,500 victories and podiums over a period of 10 years and became the most successful racing car of all time.”

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They are now honoring this heritage with a new special edition based on the top model Baby II Pur Sang. Each features a hand-crafted aluminum body with a paint scheme inspired by the six Type 35 racing cars. Therefore they have a Bleu de Lyon exterior with hand painted Blanc entry numbers on the radiator, hood and boat tail.

Walking inside we can see a black leather seat, a wooden steering wheel and a machined dashboard with a brass plate. The latter has a chassis number that matches one of the original cars.

The 75 percent scale vehicles have a 2.8 kWh battery and an electric motor that produces up to 13 hp (10 kW / 14 hp). That’s not much, but it’s enough to allow the car to reach speeds of up to 68 km/h.

Production is limited to six units and all are already taken. That’s unfortunate, but Wiebke Ståhl, managing director of Bugatti International, said: “With great attention to detail, these anniversary examples are customized and reflect the essence of the brand’s historic racing tradition while demonstrating an unparalleled level of craftsmanship.” They are beautiful, unique masterpieces that embody the spirit of the Type 35.”

    Bugatti's latest special edition is fully electric and only produces 13 hp