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Britney Spears, Sam Asghari Respond To Kevin Federline

In the interview, Kevin said Britney’s former conservatorship — which Britney described as abusive and exploitative — “saved her.”

He also said their kids, Sean and Jayden choose not to see her. “The boys have decided they are not seeing her right now,” Kevin said. ‘It’s been a few months since they’ve seen her. They made the decision not to go to her wedding.”

“This whole thing has been hard to watch, harder to live through, harder to watch my boys go through than anything else,” he added. “It’s been tough. It’s the most challenging thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.”

Kevin also claimed Britney’s revealing photos on Instagram upset their kids. “I try to explain to them, ‘Look, maybe that’s just another way she tries to express herself.’ But that doesn’t take away from the fact of what it does to them. It’s tough. I can’t imagine how it feels to be a teenager having to go to high school.”

Britney responded to Kevin’s comments on her Instagram. “It saddens me to hear that my ex-husband has decided to discuss the relationship between me and my children.”

“As we all know, raising teenage boys is never easy for anyone. It concerns me the fact that the reason is based on my Instagram,” she continued.

“It was LONG before Instagram. I gave them everything. Only one word: HURTFUL,” Britney said.

“I’ll say it. My mother told me, ‘You should GIVE them to their dad.’ I’m sharing this because I can. Have a good day folks!”

Britney’s husband Sam Asghari also took to his story to defend her. “To clarify, my wife has never posted a nude selfie except of her butt, which is quite modest these days. All other posts were implied nudity, which can been seen in any ad for lotion or soap.”

“There is no validity to his statement regarding the kids distancing themselves and it is irresponsible to make that statement publicly,” Sam added. “The boys are very smart and will be 18 soon to make their own decisions and may eventually realize the ‘tough’ part was having a father who hasn’t worked much in over 15 years as a role model.”

“Kevin’s gravy train will end soon, which probably explains the timing of these hurtful statements. I do not know him personally and have nothing against him, aside him choosing to vilify my wife. His character is revealed by approval of the cruel 13-year conservatorship and his loyalty to Jaimie Spears indicates his approval at time of its conception as well.”

“Things that are now considered normal issues and behavior easily dealt with therapy or other ways were magnified to justify a 13-year prison sentence,” Sam said. “Anyone approving of it is wrong or benefiting from it somehow. I will not comment on this matter again except to say I have a job.”

Kevin has not commented further, but we will update you if he does.

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