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Billy Ray Cyrus and His Wife Firerose Separate, He Files for Annulment

Firerose and Billy Ray Cyrus. Jason Kempin/Getty Images for ACM

Billy Ray Cyrus And Fire rose broke up after seven months of marriage.

On Tuesday, June 11, We weekly confirmed that the couple’s marriage is heading for an unpleasant end. Court documents obtained by Us citing irreconcilable differences and “inappropriate marital conduct.” Cyrus, 62, is seeking an annulment of the marriage, saying it was fraudulent. (TMZ was first to report the news.)

The separation date was set for May 22, 2024, and Firerose, 35, was given two days to move out of their shared home. Court documents say Cyrus will pay Firerose $5,000 a month to find an apartment in Tennessee within 90 days – or until their divorce is finalized.

We weekly asked for a comment.

The relationship between Billy Ray Cyrus and singer Firerose – Timeline 569

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Billy Ray Cyrus found love again with singer Firerose after his split from longtime love Tish Cyrus. The couple began their relationship as collaborators. They worked on a song called “New Day” in July 2021 and even sang it together on several different talk shows. “It’s a song of hope for a new day for […]

Billy Ray and Firerose began collaborating on music in July 2021, when he was still married to Tish CyrusIn April 2022 Us confirmed that Tish, 57, and Billy Ray – whose marriage experienced ups and downs during their marriage – were divorcing. In October of that year, Billy Ray and Firerose announced their engagement.

The estranged couple, who share a 27-year age gap, announced in October 2023 that they had officially tied the knot.

“10/23/10 will always be the beautiful, joyous day our two souls were united in holy matrimony. It was the most perfect, heavenly celebration of love we could have ever imagined,” Billy Ray and Firerose wrote in a joint social media post. “For both of us, hearing the preacher say, ‘Billy Ray and Firerose Cyrus… I hereby pronounce you man and wife’ was the sacred moment that gave us all a new life. Long live love!”

Prior to his relationship with Firerose, the country music icon was married to Tish for more than two decades. They married in 1993 and he first filed for divorce in 2010. However, the couple remained together before Tish filed for divorce a second time in 2013. Although they continued to work together, Tish officially ended the relationship in 2022.

When reflecting on this final decision, Tish explained that she “really took a hard look” at her life and pulled the plug. (Tish and Billy Ray have five children together, Miley Cyrus, Brandi Cyrus, Follow Cyrus, Cyrus – Braison And Noah Cyrus.)

Tish — who has since moved on and gotten married Dominic Purcell – spoke openly about her relationship with Billy Ray during an appearance on the podcast “Call Her Daddy” in February.

“It hasn’t been this good in a long time. I think I stayed so long out of fear. Literally out of fear of being alone,” she explained. “I met him when I [was] 24. So I grew up… [and] he was such a big part of it. Then I was alone and suddenly the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders and [I] could just breathe.”

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