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Best Meme Coins to Invest in 2024 – Cryptonews Top Picks for June

June 2024 has seen a sharp increase in the popularity of meme coins, with many projects going viral and the sector showing relative strength throughout the year.

This trend seems to continue, which makes meme coins particularly attractive for speculative investors.

Here are the hottest meme coins to buy that have just launched, are about to launch, or are still in pre-sale.

Mother Iggy (MOTHER)

Mother Iggy (MOTHER) is a project that is generating a lot of interest. Iggy Azalea, also known as “Mother Iggy”, started this project and promoted it heavily. She has discussed her plans to implement token burns and various other features.

The project has gained a lot of traction on social media and has become a trending topic. In addition to the project itself, Iggy Azalea has opened a merchandise store where customers can purchase items using $MOTHER tokens.

This initiative has increased the attractiveness and visibility of the project. So far, the project has gained 122.25% in a week and has a market capitalization of $165 million. The current token price is $0.16 and has reached an all-time high of $0.23.

Although a price drop is possible, the recent surge in interest surrounding Iggy Azalea’s birthday could push the MOTHER token further higher. This increased public attention follows her announcement on X regarding the relaunch of her co-founded telecommunications company.

The new venture allows customers to purchase phones or monthly plans using either their MOTHER or Sol cryptocurrency. This innovative integration has already led to a significant increase in the value of the MOTHER token, suggesting potential for further gains in the coming days.

Base Dawgz (DAWGZ)

Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) is a presale project on the Base blockchain connected to Coinbase. As a crypto investor or trader, it is crucial to diversify across different blockchains rather than relying on just one to ensure sustainable success.

The Base blockchain, created by Coinbase, offers a unique opportunity with the Base Dawgz project. This project offers innovative tokenomics and includes a referral system similar to a social airdrop.

The project encourages user participation through a unique share-to-earn system. Users can promote the project, link their social media accounts, and create content to earn points that can be redeemed for $DAWGZ tokens.

By rewarding the sharing of relevant content on social media, this system creates a continuous marketing loop that drives visibility and engagement for the project. Given its pre-sale status on the Base blockchain, Base Dawgz shows significant potential.

Dawgz pre-sale nearly $1 million

In the past, successful projects on the Base platform have achieved good results, making this a notable opportunity for investors.

The DAWGZ presale ends in less than a week, with funding at nearly $1 million. This is a limited opportunity to invest in this potentially groundbreaking multi-chain project. To participate in the $DAWGZ token presale, visit


DUKO (DUKO) has shown impressive growth, up 1756% over the past year, 136% over the past month, and 7% over the past week. Despite a recent decline today, it could be a good time to invest.

This meme coin on Solana, part of the Solana pet coin trend, has been gaining significant attention. Solana Pet, known for its low transaction fees, brings adorable digital dogs to the Solana blockchain. The project focuses on creating entertaining dog-themed content and building strong communities.

Although DUKO is classified as a meme coin with no inherent utility, its clear branding, intriguing roadmap, and community-first approach have contributed to its popularity. The project also includes a notable charity aspect, which further increases its appeal.

Promoted with the slogan “No promises, just memes,” DUKO embodies a decentralized, unstructured approach that resonates with its community. Its unexpected success highlights the potential for seemingly quirky projects to gain significant traction in the cryptocurrency market.

Sealana (SEAL)

Sealana (SEAL), a meme coin inspired by the “World of Warcraft guy” from South Park, is making waves in the Solana ecosystem with its ongoing presale, attracting numerous investors eager to participate in its listings on the decentralized exchange (DEX).

Analysts expect a significant price increase after the listing, fueling excitement and stoking fear of missing out (FOMO). The presale was successful, raising over $4 million and building a strong following on social media.

Discussions are intensifying about possible listings on major decentralized exchanges. Such listings could make Sealana accessible to a wider audience and potentially drive up its price.

While Sealana is a simple meme coin without complex utility, its unique theme and timing could prove to be a winning combination. Similar meme coins have experienced explosive growth in the past, and Sealana’s playful approach fits well with the current market sentiment.

Sealana’s references to South Park and endorsements from cryptocurrency influencers add to its growing hype.

With a strong presale performance and positive market sentiment, Sealana seems poised to establish itself as a major player in the meme coin sector and one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in in 2024. Visit to participate in the $SEAL token presale.

Vienna AI (WAI)

WienerAI (WAI) has established itself as a leader in the presale space, securing over $5 million in funding, signaling its rapid rise in the crypto market. The company combines a meme-inspired brand with robust marketing and innovative features, positioning itself for significant growth.

In addition to its quirky dog ​​theme, WienerAI offers passive income opportunities through staking and boasts an estimated annual return of 208% (subject to change based on stake). Currently, 64% of the tokens are staked.

The project aims to revolutionize AI-powered trading through advanced predictive technology such as ChatGPT and provide unbiased market analysis that supports informed decisions. In addition, WienerAI enables fee-free swaps across decentralized exchanges, improving accessibility and user experience.

WienerAI’s roadmap prioritizes the upcoming launch of its AI bot, which is expected to generate further excitement within the cryptocurrency community.

Capitalizing on the popularity of dog-themed meme coins, WienerAI’s AI-powered trading bot and impressive pre-sale results position the company as a serious player in the crypto AI sector.

Backed by a growing online presence and significant financial resources, WienerAI, driven by its clear vision and momentum, aims to become a leader in the ICO market.

Dive deeper by exploring their website whitepaper. Stay up to date with news by following them on social media channels like X and Telegram.

With its strong foundation and ambitious goals, WienerAI represents an attractive investment opportunity among today’s top ICOs. Secure your place in the $WAI token presale by visiting


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