“Baby Reindeer’s Real-life Martha Has Not Heard from Netflix as She Works with a Senior UK Lawyer to Launch a Lawsuit Against the Streamer.” - Latest Global News

“Baby Reindeer’s Real-life Martha Has Not Heard from Netflix as She Works with a Senior UK Lawyer to Launch a Lawsuit Against the Streamer.”

EXCLUSIVE: Reindeer babies Real-life Martha appears to be following through on her promise to sue Netflix, but has yet to hear from the streamer despite being identified against her will and claiming to have received death threats and unwanted attention.

Chris Daw KC, a lawyer working with Fiona Harvey to file a lawsuit, told Deadline that Netflix has not contacted her in any way after she was thrust into the media spotlight last month.

He said the series, which has racked up more than 65 million views since its premiere, raised serious questions about Netflix’s due diligence standards. He called for a “major review” of its compliance procedures.

Daw is assembling a team of lawyers in the UK and US to go after Netflix, producer Clerkenwell Films and others Baby reindeer Creator Richard Gadd, but has yet to be officially informed by Harvey.

He believes Harvey may face defamation charges after this Baby reindeer was touted as a “true story” and involved her pleading guilty to stalking and being sentenced to prison.

Daw said he had no evidence yet to prove Harvey was convicted of stalking and harassment, adding that Netflix had failed to substantiate the claims made in Gadd’s hit series.

“To portray someone as a convicted criminal who has served a prison sentence when that is not true is a clear case of defamation as it is bound to cause serious damage to that person’s reputation,” he said.

Daw added that Harvey may also face a lawsuit for image rights abuse. “There are strict laws around using a person’s image for commercial purposes, particularly in the US, which appear to have not been taken into account,” he said.

Daw declined to comment on how his legal work is funded.

Netflix does not respond to requests Baby reindeer. Benjamin King, Netflix’s chief policy officer for the UK, was asked about the series during a committee hearing in the British Parliament last week. He stood by the fact that it was a “true story” and said Netflix took “all reasonable precautions” to protect identities.

Senior sources in the British television industry have scoffed at this notion. A former senior BBC executive with experience of compliance procedures on factual dramas said Netflix should have changed details including Martha’s profession and nationality.

In an interview with Piers Morgan last week, Harvey described Baby reindeer classified as “fiction” and stalking allegations rejected. She revealed that Netflix had not previously contacted her Baby reindeer debuted and said the show exposed her to death threats and phone calls from strangers.

“I find it quite obscene. I think it’s horrible and misogynistic,” she said. “Some of the death threats online have been really horrific. People call me. You know, it was absolutely terrible.”

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