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Audi Driver Wears Helmet After Being Fined for “not Wearing a Helmet”. [Video]

We have come across several cases where drivers or passengers were fined for not following traffic rules. Most roads in India now have surveillance cameras installed and fines are issued through these cameras. While this system works fine in most cases, there are cases where it accidentally issues fines to the wrong person. Here we have one such case from Uttar Pradesh where an Audi driver was fined Rs 1,000 for driving the car without a helmet.

The video was shared by NDTV on their Twitter profile. In this video we see a man walking towards an Audi car with a helmet in his hand. Before he gets into the driver’s seat, he wears the helmet. He is not taking part in a rally or a race; However, this is due to the fine he recently received.

The man seen here in the video is Bahadur Singh Parihar. Recently, Mr. Parihar, who is also the truck union president, received a message on his mobile number. The message said a lawsuit had been filed against his car.

When he opened the message, he was surprised to see the picture attached to the challan. The challan was issued for not wearing a helmet.

The picture attached to the challan showed a motorcycle and not his Audi. The challan was issued by Jhansi traffic police and the amount was Rs 1,000. The attached image showed a bicycle and the vehicle category was listed as a motor vehicle. The Audi owner was surprised and confused at the same time.

Audi driver fined for not wearing helmet

He took the call to traffic police officers to confirm this. However, the officers on duty told him that they could not investigate the matter at present as the Lok Sabha elections were underway. They could only check it after the elections. Mr. Parihar was not happy with the response and decided to play it safe.

He bought a helmet and now drives the Audi with the helmet. He wears the helmet in protest and also to avoid further fines. Speaking to NDTV, Mr. Parihar said, “I was taken to task for driving my car without wearing a helmet. What can I do if I have to drive a car with a helmet? I will have to wear a helmet when driving. The traffic police authorities have told me that they will look into the matter after the elections.”

This is not the first time we have encountered such an incident. Sometimes such errors occur due to a problem in the system. It even happens that bikes or cars use fake license plates to evade the police or engage in illegal activities. It needs to be investigated whether the bike shown in the picture had the same number as the car and whether it was just a typographical error.

A few years ago, the traffic police had stopped a Maruti Swift driver for a very bizarre reason. He did not wear a helmet while driving his car. As punishment, the traffic police officer handed him a fine of Rs 1,000, which the car driver had to comply with.

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