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Aston Martin Wants to Build a Lamborghini LM002, Says a Report | Car Scoops

The British luxury brand is considering building a tougher sister SUV to the DBX and is internally calling the project “Project Rambo”.


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May 16, 2024 at 8:33 am

    Aston Martin wants to build a Lamborghini LM002, a report says

  • Aston Martin is reportedly considering building a rugged SUV inspired by Lamborghini’s brutalist LM002
  • The DBX’s sister model would be an expensive alternative to boxy luxury SUVs like the Land Rover Defender and Mercedes G-Class
  • Would probably be based on the DBX chassis, but could it get a V12 to rival Ferrari’s Purosangue?

Aston Martin has been browsing Lamborghini’s catalog looking for inspiration for its next model, but it’s not the Miura, Countach or Diablo that has caught the British luxury brand’s attention. Instead, it’s the butch LM002 off-roader that Aston is channeling for a new SUV, dubbed internally as “Project Rambo.”

The 1980s Italian V12-powered monster, born out of a military project, is often referred to as the Rambo Lambo, and Aston thinks a sister SUV to the DBX with some of the LM002 character makes a perfect, expensive alternative could be the Land Rover Defender and Mercedes G-Class, according to a new report.

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Sources close to Aston reported Autocar that the sublime, luxurious four-door would combine excellent off-road capability with supercar-like on-road performance and could be limited to 2,500 examples to ensure exclusivity. Such a small print run would require a close connection to the DBX.

The DBX, which was a huge success for Aston, was recently downsized to just one model, the more powerful 707 (697hp/707hp), as the company opted to abandon the original entry-level 542hp DBX alongside rivals such as the Lamborghini Urus looks weak.

Using the 707’s powertrain would give the new SUV plenty of power (the DBX accelerates to 100km/h in 3.1 seconds) and requires minimal additional development work to calibrate it for the new body, but could give Aston another one , have more? an exciting idea up your sleeve?

    Aston Martin wants to build a Lamborghini LM002, a report says

The brand is one of the few companies that still builds V12 engines, and two of the others – Rolls Royce and Ferrari – also add their largest engines to their SUVs. Could Aston consider doing the same to differentiate the new model from the DBX and justify the ‘Rambo’ connection to the LM002?

The report doesn’t say that, but when Aston revealed some details of the upcoming Vanquish GT’s newly upgraded 824 hp (835 hp) V12, it said the engine would also be fitted to the company’s “most exclusive and limited available models”. Project Lambo certainly won’t be electric. Aston has scaled back its electric vehicle plans amid weak demand for battery-powered cars and will focus on combustion and hybrid powertrains for now.

Photo credit: Ahmed Qadri-Pixelhaus Media, RM Sotheby’s

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