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“Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal”: Everything About the Documentaries and Which Celebrities Are Mentioned

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Netflix lifts the curtain on controversial website Ashley Madison and its infamous 2015 hack. The streamer’s latest documentaries Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies and Scandal explores the stories of couples whose lives were affected by the data breach. Several well-known names, from reality TV stars to YouTube personalities, were also caught up in the scandal after it was revealed that they used the affair website.

Learn more about the documentaries and find out which celebrities are mentioned.

What is Ashley Madison?

Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies and Scandal Netflix Documentaries

Ashley Madison is a dating website that was launched in 2002. The platform is aimed at married couples and encourages cheating. True to the motto: “Life is short. Have an affair.”

In 2015, the site was hacked and countless Ashley Madison customers’ emails, messages, and other data were exposed. However, four years later, the site reported an increased number of users: 60 million.

When talking to Business InsiderPaul Keable, chief strategy officer, pointed out that their website’s high numbers prove that “monogamy is not in our DNA.”

“[It’s] A community we are incredibly proud of,” he added. “We currently have more than 20,000 members signing up every day, demonstrating the huge demand there is for an online dating destination like ours. …People have realized that marriage may not be the fairytale it was sold to them, but divorce doesn’t necessarily make sense to them either. It’s costly, but more importantly, it doesn’t solve their problem.”

What is the “Ashley Madison” documentary about?

Ashley Madison: documentaries about sex, lies and scandals

Netflix’s three-part documentary tells the “story of the most frightening, intimate Internet leak of modern times and what happened when people’s darkest desires, shameful betrayals and sexual secrets became visible for the whole world to see,” the logline reads.

“When Ashley Madison, a dating site for people looking for adulterous affairs, is hacked, the confidential information of millions of users will be exposed, destroying marriages and destroying lives,” the summary reads, according to Netflix. “This three-part documentary series from Minnow Films and director Toby Paton examines the creation of the site during the dot-com boom, the people who used the site to explore a part of their love life that they felt was missing, and the hack that resulted arose. Everything collapsed.

Which celebrities appear in the “Ashley Madison” documentary?

Ashley Madison documentaries

Among the most well-known names mentioned in the document is Josh Duggar. After Ashley Madison’s data was exposed, it was revealed that Duggar had two accounts. At that time he admitted that he had cheated on his wife Anna Duggar. They are still married while he is in prison for receiving and possessing child pornography.

Snooki‘s husband, Jionni LaValle, was mentioned in the document, but the spouses denied that he had ever opened an account. Furthermore, Christian YouTube vlogger Sam Rader appeared in the document with his wife, Nia Rader. He admitted to having an account, but Nia gave him a “second chance” and they are still together.

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