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Apple Skipped the Best VisionOS 2 Updates

Apple mentioned some new features of the Vision Pro during its WWDC 2024 keynote presentation on Monday, including the ability to convert 2D photos into 3D photos and support for using the headset on trains. But the company skipped over some of the most urgently needed features it’s adding to visionOS – and those quieter changes make for a much more exciting update.

After the update this fall, you’ll be able to see a Magic Keyboard while working in a virtual environment, use any Bluetooth mouse you like, and rearrange the icons on your home screen — including the ability to put iPad and iPhone apps wherever you want. These are all features that probably should have been there from the start, and they’ll improve everyday use of the Vision Pro in meaningful ways.

Fly, little keyboard, fly!
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Apple says Vision Pro also starts saving eye and hand settings for guest users for 30 days. It was a real pain to share Vision Pro with someone because every time you put it in guest mode, that person has to go through the setup again. This made it hard for me to get my partner to try the headset. (I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s experienced this.) I’d rather be able to set up completely separate profiles, but this is at least a step in that direction.

Sports fans will be happy to hear that Apple is also adding five-screen multiview streaming to the Apple TV app, something the company added to its Apple TV streaming box last year. And you can stream content to the Vision Pro from your iPhone, iPad or Mac via AirPlay—which, depending on how well it works, could be handy if you want to play a game on the Vision Pro that runs on a Mac but not on the headset.

And finally, when you come across a video on the web, you can cast it to a floating video player – something Apple was forced to do since neither YouTube nor Netflix have developed apps for Vision Pro. Users may still prefer the dedicated third-party apps for the services, like Juno or Supercut, but it will be nice to be able to watch other online videos this way.

These details all appeared somewhere in Apple’s press materials. But there’s more in the release notes for the first developer beta of visionOS 2 (which is available now, by the way). Here’s a short list of the additional features Apple says are on the way:

Apple may not have fulfilled all of my wishes during its WWDC keynote, but I was surprised by how specifically it addressed things I hoped visionOS would do, like the ability to bring up the home screen with a single gesture. And to be honest, it really highlighted a big crowd-pleaser yesterday: a giant virtual widescreen display that wraps around your head. As a committed three-monitor user, I couldn’t be happier with this news.

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