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Android 15 Beta 2: Top 6 Features to Try

Since we’re in Android 15 Beta 2, it’s probably safe for you to flash this to your Pixel phone, assuming you’re okay with the small list of bugs shared by Google. Google certainly believes that this build is stable enough and also presents the biggest set of new features for Android 15 that we have seen so far.

While Android 15 may not see a major UI redesign, new launcher to play with, or major front-end changes that would refresh Android, Google is still rolling out a number of new features. After looking at this latest build from the past day, we’ve put together a list of things to look out for.

This is new in Android 15 Beta 2.

Forward looking back: The predictive back gesture has been in Android since at least Android 14, but you probably don’t know about it because it was hidden as a developer setting. Now, in Android 15 Beta 2, Google enables it by default. What is it? Well, when you swipe in from the edge to activate the back gesture on your Android device, the active window or open app will shrink slightly to show you where to go next. It’s about predicting or teasing or quietly announcing where back will take you with me.

It doesn’t currently work in all apps as I assume developers need to add support for it. However, it should work in some Google apps as well as in Settings on a Pixel device. Hopefully, having it enabled by default will lead to more apps adopting it in the future. It’s pretty convenient and also looks good when you move around the operating system.

Android 15 – Private area

privacy: We wrote about Private Space in our previous Android 15 Beta 2 story, but we wanted to show you what it will look like. To access it, go to Settings > Security & privacy, then scroll down until you see it. Once opened, you’ll first have to go through a setup that even asks you to create a new Google account just for that area.

Once Private Space is created (you can start without a new account, although you will be asked for a new account at some point), it sits at the bottom of your app drawer in a section that can remain locked or unlocked. It lists the available apps and you can install new apps only in this section. Again, you’ll need a separate account to really take advantage of this. So keep that in mind. Finally, you can clear the storage space if necessary.

Android 15 – Volume control

Volume control: Check this out – new volume controls in Android 15. Now when you adjust the volume on your device and then click on the 3-dot menu on the side control that appears, you’ll see that big ol’ box at the bottom of the screen. It features large animated sliders for all volume controls on the device including media, call, ring, notification and alarm. If you have other devices connected, you should be able to customize those too.

Android 15 – Bluetooth Car

Bluetooth switches on automatically again: If you ever turn Bluetooth off for one reason or another but always forget to turn it back on, leaving nothing working with a Bluetooth connection in your life later in the day, Google has a new setting for you. In the full Bluetooth settings menu, there is a new switch called “Automatically turn back on tomorrow.” As the name suggests, if you turn off Bluetooth, your phone will try to turn it back on the next day. Clean.

Android 15 – Adaptive Vibration

Adaptive vibration: Google has added a new sound setting called Adaptive Vibration, which “adjusts your phone’s vibrations based on your environment.” This uses your phone’s microphone and “other” sensors to somehow determine the volume and context and then crank up the vibration. Google insists that this setting “does not collect any data.”

Android 15 – Color Contrast

Color contrast in wallpaper: Do you need more contrast? In your phone’s Wallpaper & Style section, Google has added a new Color Contrast page that will allow you to significantly increase the contrast on your phone. There are Standard, Medium, and High options, as well as the Maximize Text Contrast option. After toggling all the settings, I can’t figure out exactly where this applies, but I’m sure you can. Additionally, Google notes that “some apps may not support all color and text contrast settings.” I think I need to find apps that do that.

And, well, that’s mostly it. 6 big things to play with. I wish I had more for you, but there’s always a chance that Google will continue to roll out features in the next few betas before the stable release. OK, probably not. So if you’re not excited about that, check out Android 16.

If you find anything interesting, let us know.

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