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Andrew McCarthy Tells How Molly Ringwald Caught Him in “Pretty in Pink”

Almost 40 years after his leading role in John Hughes’ 1986 cult film Pretty in Pink, Andrew McCarthy says his “miscasting” was solely due to his co-star Molly RingwaldAt a retrospective on ET, the 61-year-old actor recalled how the The Breakfast Club The 56-year-old star helped him get the role of dream guy Blane McDonnagh.

In Pretty in PinkAndie (Molly Ringwald) is an outsider at her Chicago high school and has only two friends: her older boss (Annie Potts), who owns the record store where she works, and her quirky classmate Duckie (Jon Cryer), who has a crush on her. When Blane (McCarthy), one of the rich and popular students, asks Andie out on a date, it seems too good to be true.

“This role was written for a square-jawed quarterback, a big, well-built guy, you know, and Molly got it for me,” McCarthy recalls. “I auditioned and Molly said, ‘Oh, I’d fall in love with him. He’s gorgeous. He’s poetic.’ And John Hughes said, ‘Really? That weakling?'”

McCarthy says that despite the legendary author’s concerns, he “listened to Molly” and gave him the role.

Jon Cryer, Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy on the set of the film “Pretty In Pink”, 1986.Paramount via Getty Images

“He listened to Molly, and so did John. John listened to and respected young people not only on screen but in real life,” said the St. Elmo’s Fire Star shares. “So, I was miscast in some ways. I did what I could [have] was an idiot and had a certain sensitivity, so there was a certain empathy towards him.”

“That’s why we ended up having to reshoot the whole ending, because, you know, the film is a fairy tale, so you have to give the girl what she wants,” McCarthy adds, pointing out how Hughes changed the original ending of the film – in which Andie and Duckie end up together – after test audiences reacted poorly.

Hughes wrote a new five-page ending in which Andie and Blane end up together instead; the ending was shot several months after the film’s initial production wrapped.

“John took young people and their emotional lives seriously,” McCarthy says of the late director, producer and screenwriter. “And that’s why [are] still watch these movies.”

McCarthy himself has taken on more jobs behind the camera in recent years, on shows such as Orange is the new black And The Sinner as well as his new Hulu documentary, Brats.

The documentary, directed and produced by McCarthy, examines the stars of the 1980s who were dubbed the “Brat Pack.” The term refers to the teenage actors of the 80s who seemingly ruled Hollywood thanks to their major films such as The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire, Pretty in Pink and more.

Brats contains plenty of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews during the promotion of the cult films of the 1980s that shaped an entire generation.

Andrew McCarthy played Molly Ringwald’s lover in “Pretty in Pink”.Paramount Pictures

McCarthy also speaks for the first time with writer David Blum, who coined the fateful term in a 1985 article about the Brat Pack. New York Magazine Cover story.

McCarthy jokes with ET that while he was excited to start the filming process on Bratshe was afraid of being rejected by everyone he contacted.

“I was surprised how many people wanted to talk to me [that] “I did it because I thought the biggest challenge would be getting people to participate,” he jokes. “I knew it was still such a shady subject in some people’s lives.”

While Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson declined his invitation to appear in the documentary, but McCarthy was able to persuade Emilio Estevez, Demi Moore, Ally Sheedy and Rob Lowe to reunite for the project. He also brought in stars from the “Brat Pack” scene, such as his Pretty in Pink Co-star Jon Cryer and Back to the Future Actress Lea Thompson.

McCarthy says that some viewers of the documentary might see the final scene as a foretaste of a possible sequel, but he is fairly certain that a Brats Film is enough for the group of actors who have spent most of their formative years in the spotlight.

“We’re getting ready for part two,” he jokes, adding that for the gang that has come together to process their trauma, “once was enough, I think.”

Watch the trailer for Brats in the player below:

Brats Premieres June 13 on Hulu.

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