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An Online Connection is Required to Play Assassin’s Creed Shadows. This Will Be Well Received

If there’s one thing that annoys gamers, it’s the AI. Wait. Excuse me. If there’s one thing that annoys gamers, it’s DRM, er, for a second. If there’s one thing that annoys gamers, it’s microtransactions and pointless cosmetics. Aargh. Focus. If there’s one thing that annoys gamers, it’s that they always have to have an internet connection to play a game that doesn’t require an internet connection. That’s it. Arrived at the end.

Well, in this case, Ubisoft is in for more bullshit. Following yesterday’s leak that single-player Battle Passes are now available in Assassin’s Creed, the secret cash cow is now being sent out to require you to have an online connection to play the game.

If this is true, that means don’t play on the go, don’t play if your internet goes down, and in the longer term don’t play if Ubisoft ever decides the game is dead.

This sort of thing generally sparks gaming outrage. It is considered a form of DRM, which, as usual, penalizes legitimate buyers of the game.

The message appeared on the Assassin’s Creed Shadows PSN page, stating that online play was required. So we have to glean a few things from this information: firstly, this is the PlayStation version, but it will probably be the same across the board, and secondly, that of Assassin Creed Shadows will be the first AC to introduce the new Assassin’s Creed Infinity – a new online hub for everything Assassin’s Creed-related that you may or may not have a use for. Of course, any kind of online hub needs to be online.

Ubisoft has intentions of shutting down online gaming – it recently did so with The Crew, which caused a stir in the community, especially with a new Crew game on the horizon, this was seen as a cynical move.

Combined with a Ubi executive’s now infamous quote about gamers having to get used to not actually owning the games they buy, you can understand why people are upset.

Reddit is angry

A few selected comments from Reddit show what will happen next:

“Restrictions like this, limited to the internet only, never seem to take into account more rural areas or poorer countries where the internet is simply not stable. There’s a reason single player games exist for people who don’t and shouldn’t have to deal with bad connections.

From what I’ve read, there are still places/states in first world countries like the US where the internet is still pretty spotty.”

“They know these areas, they just don’t care. The perceived savings/revenue from implementing the feature outweighs the perceived customer loss. It is simply a financial decision. The customer experience (or the number of customers) doesn’t matter.”

“Well, it’s clear that Ubisoft said we no longer own games, and that’s what they meant. In a few years they will take the entire game offline so people will buy the name game. It must be crazy to pay full price for this.”

We believe this is another project that will continue on and on.

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