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Alexa PenaVega Breaks Her Silence After the Birth of Her Unborn Daughter Indy

I have a heartfelt video, actress Alex PenaVega bravely shared the emotional toll of experience a stillbirth and lost her daughter Indy.

The 35-year-old began the video by warning social media users that she would likely shed tears during filming, adding: “I don’t think I’ve experienced anything like that and I hope I have “I’ll never experience anything like that again.”

Alexa revealed in the video posted on Wednesday that “losing Indy was very difficult, and right after I lost her, my health deteriorated greatly and no one could figure out what was going on. And it’s been a very difficult season for all of us to navigate, but I don’t think I’ve ever given myself to God in that way in my life.

Alexa leaned heavily on her faith during this challenging time and expressed in her prayers a desire for her pain to have meaning. “God, give meaning to this pain,” she prayed. “Every time my body feels pain, God, you turn it into purpose, whether it’s moving what’s in my body outward, whether it’s pushing those emotions through my body. God, whatever it is, don’t let this pain go.” Garbage.”

Despite the tragedy, Alexa emphasized the strength of her family and her husband of 34 years. Carlos Pena Vega. “My faith has never been stronger. My marriage has never been stronger,” she said. “Our life, her life, was so purposeful in the short time we spent with her. And although she may not have taken a breath here on earth, she did not walk aimlessly.”

The couple, who already have sons Ocean, 7, Kingston, 4, and daughter Rio, 2, thanked fans for their support. “I know this season is going to be a rollercoaster of feelings and emotions. I know that,” Alexa explained. “But I will just continue to allow His peace to overwhelm us. And please continue to lift us up with your prayers. I love you. Thank you for supporting us.”

In AprilThe Spy children The actress and Nickelodeon alum announced the stillbirth of her and Carlos’ daughter Indy. In a joint Instagram post, the couple shared the tragic news and told their followers how their faith guided them on the “painful journey.”

“There are never the right words when it comes to loss. After a beautiful and peaceful birth, our daughter ‘Indy’ was born in peace. It was a painful journey. But in the pain we found peace,” they wrote .

The couple continued their post and shared, “God continues to comfort us and hold us in his arms. The prayers of the community around us have been so supportive during this difficult time. This little girl has already changed our lives in many ways. “She” was absolutely beautiful. And looked just like dad.

Alexa last shared a picture of her growing belly in mid-March, took a selfie in a hospital gown and smiled at the camera. Just a day before, she shared one Pregnancy vlog, in which she told her followers that she was in the hospital for five days after the bleeding started. At the time, she called the pregnancy “not easy” and thanked the doctors and nurses who supported her during the almost week-long stay.

In the April update, the couple noted that as they grieved, they felt the grief “came to us in waves” and experienced moments that left them “completely crushed” while others made them grateful that they did too had only spent a brief moment with her.

“We cannot understand why something like this happens and may never get these answers,” wrote the couple, who tied the knot in 2014.

They added: “Indy Rex PenaVega, you have completely changed our world. You took us to a new place. You gave us the community we longed for. We love you and can’t wait to see how many other lives you change.”

In the comments, the couple were comforted by friends, family and fans who expressed their condolences and left well-wishes for the grieving mother and father.

“I pray and send love and light to you and your family! My deepest condolences,” he wrote Julianne Hough.

“I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending you so much love ❤,” he added Dancing with the stars professional Alan Bersten.

“I’m so sorry Alexa and Carlos, I can’t imagine how this loss feels. You are held, loved and protected and you know it. I pray your pain away 🙏🏼,” he wrote Daniella Monet.

The tragic news comes five months after the couple first met announced in November that they would welcome a sixth member into their family.

“Thank God we love adventure,” they wrote alongside the pictures. “Oh baby, here we come! Número cuatro!”

When ET spoke to the actor and actress in 2017, they opened up about how parenthood had strengthened their love and connection.

“I just feel so much more love now,” Alexa said at the time. “I’ve become a lot more emotional about things. Just through Ocean, I have a deeper connection with Carlos.”

“I also appreciate my parents a lot more,” Carlos revealed, “because you see how much time and effort you have to put into these new people, and then when they’re 20 they go off and do their own things, and so do you.” : ‘Make good decisions!'”


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