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Adrian Newey: Outgoing Red Bull Designer Expects Return to Formula 1 Given Ferrari’s Interest in 2026 Regulations

Adrian Newey expects to return to Formula 1 in the future after a break from the sport.

Earlier this month, Red Bull confirmed that Newey had stepped down from his role as chief technical officer and would work on other projects before leaving the company entirely in early 2025.

Lewis Hamilton, who is leaving Mercedes to join Ferrari next season, said at the Miami Grand Prix it would be “amazing” if the Italian team could sign Newey.

Sky sports news As we know, Ferrari has approached Newey and Aston Martin has also made a lucrative offer to the 65-year-old. However, Newey is most interested in joining Ferrari and shared this Sky Sports F1 In Miami, he said he was “very flattered” by Hamilton’s comments.

“If you had asked me 15 years ago whether, at the age of 65, I would seriously consider changing teams, going somewhere else and playing another four or five years, I would have said: ‘You are absolutely crazy'”, Newey said in an interview with his manager and friend Eddie Jordan for Oyster yachts.

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Lewis Hamilton said Adrian Newey would be a great addition to Ferrari after the technical boss confirmed his exit from Red Bull this week.

“Since I was eight or ten years old, I wanted to work as a designer in motorsport. I was lucky enough to fulfill that dream, get that first job and have been in motorsports ever since. Every day.” was just a bonus. I just love what I do.

“I’m going to take a little vacation. As Forrest Gump said at the end of his long run, ‘I’m feeling a little tired at the moment, but I’ll probably go again at some point’.”

Newey: Miami was a strange weekend

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Ted Kravitz tells us all about the ‘genius’ of Adrian Newey after it was announced he was leaving Red Bull.

Newey joined Red Bull in 2006 ahead of the team’s second F1 season and helped turn the team into a top team from 2009 when it took its first win.

The team won four consecutive drivers’ and constructors’ titles from 2010 to 2013 and has regained dominance in recent years since the introduction of new ground effect regulations in 2022.

After announcing his departure, Newey gave three speeches, first in the engineering room in Miami, another in the garage and a final speech at the Red Bull factory in Milton Keynes.

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McLaren CEO Zak Brown says he is not surprised Adrian Newey is leaving Red Bull.

“Miami was a really strange race for me. The news was broken in the press on a very unfortunate day, May 1st, 30 years after the terrible events at Imola.” [when Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger died].

“It was a very difficult and unfortunate day to issue this press release.

“The Miami Grand Prix itself was strange because I was there, I was there on the pit wall in a strategy role, but I wasn’t involved in any of the technical decisions or the technical meetings.”

“Actually, I was just moved around for the press. To be honest I never thought it would be big news, I never really thought about it.”

“The fact that it was in all the newspapers and on TV was almost a bit of a shock.”

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