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Abdu Rozik Postpones His Wedding with His Lover Amira and Shares the Reason for This Decision

Tajik musician Abdu Rozik has been making headlines with his personal life. For those unaware, Abdu got engaged to the love of his life, Amira, a month ago. They were also planning to get married in July 2024. But according to the latest developments, Abdu Rozik has decided to postpone his wedding with Amira for a reason.

Abdu Rozik postpones his wedding with Amira

In an interview with ETimes, Abdu Rozik stated that he decided to postpone his wedding with Amira, which was scheduled for July 7, 2024. He cited the reason for this as being that he was offered his first-ever boxing match, which is scheduled to take place on July 6, 2024. Speaking about it, Abdu mentioned that he never expected to get such a big opportunity in his life. He noted that although he was successful both personally and professionally this year, he had to postpone his wedding because the new opportunity would provide him with financial security in the future. Abdu said:

“I never thought I would ever get the chance to fight for a title. After so many good things happened this year for my career and love life, I unfortunately have to postpone the wedding as this fight will give us tremendous financial security for the future.”

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Abdu also mentioned that his lover Amira supported him in this decision as it will change a lot for her in the future. He said it is the very first title for someone of his stature and he also has to endure a tough training camp. He added that the wedding date is not yet fixed but will take place after the match.

Abdu Rozik expressed his desire to be the “best husband” and told his love story

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Abdu Rozik said that his fiancée Amira is a wonderful person. He added that he fell in love with her after meeting her for the first time as she has all the qualities he wants in his wife. In this regard, Abdu mentioned that after a few months with Amira, they decided to take the plunge and he finally proposed to her, to which Amira immediately agreed. Abdu also said that he constantly compliments Amira and she loves it when he makes her laugh. Abdu also revealed that he wants to be the best husband.

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Abdu Rozik shared whether his height difference with Amira caused problems in their relationship

Previously, in an interview with ETimes, Abdu Rozik was asked if the height difference between him and Amira causes problems in their relationship. In response, Abdu stated that he is 115 cm tall while his lover is 155 cm tall. He mentioned that he used to think that his short height would cause him problems while looking for a partner but later he realized that there are so many people with special skills and compassion. He also added that the height difference has never caused any problems in his relationship with Amira and they have a lot of compassion for each other.

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