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98 Percent of Tesla Owners Who Try the “fully Self-driving” Demo Never Actually Buy it

Tesla had the idea of ​​offering new Tesla buyers back in March a free month of access to its so-called “Full Self-Driving” software However, that doesn’t actually make the car fully autonomous. How has the program been going now, after a few months? As it turns out, not so great. Futurism Reports that 98 percent of customers who used the free trial decided not to pay to continue using it.

To make matters worse, Tesla recently reduced the price of its Full Self-Driving software from $12,000 to $8,000. That’s still a lot of money, especially relative to the Model Y’s base price of about $45,000, but you’d think that cutting the price by 33 percent and offering a free one-month demo for new customers would help a success rate higher than a measly two percent.

However, it is currently not clear why so few people are willing to spend money on fully autonomous driving. The study only examined around 3,500 Tesla owners. Therefore, it is possible that the sample size was too small to be accurate, but 3,500 people should be large enough to be statistically significant. Maybe they just didn’t find it particularly useful or secure enough to trust.

It is also possible that more customers have become aware that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, as well as other authorities, are and are currently investigating Tesla Concerns about how effective a recent Autopilot recall actually was. Story after Story The number of accidents involving drivers who were using Autopilot or fully autonomous driving at the time of the accident may not help either.

Still, the general public tends not to follow Tesla news too closely, so we suspect price is a much more important factor. Housing is extremely expensive these days, interest rates are skyrocketing, and the threat of more layoffs seems to loom over every business, no matter how profitable. Even if you can afford to spend $50,000 or more on a new Tesla, there’s a good chance you’ll balk at spending the extra $8,000 on a more advanced version of Autopilot.

For Tesla, however Why The fact that customers were unwilling to pay for Full Self-Driving after the trial period ended is much less important than the fact that so few actually did. Especially if Musk tries Reposition Tesla as an AI and robotics companyand even went so far as to tell investors this Sell ​​their shares if they don’t fully agree with its robotaxi vision. If 98 percent of customers don’t want your supposedly most impressive product, that’s probably a bad sign.

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