9-1-1: Rafael Silva and Ronen Rubinstein of “Lone Star” on Rumors of Cancellation - Latest Global News

9-1-1: Rafael Silva and Ronen Rubinstein of “Lone Star” on Rumors of Cancellation

Rafael L. Silva and Ronen Rubinstein. Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for GLAAD

Rafael Silva And Ronen Rubinstein are confident that season 5 of 9-1-1: Lone Star will not be the end of the series – but they are aware of the rumors about a cancellation.

“Wherever the ship sails, [I’m] grateful for the family I have created on this show,” Silva, 29, wrote on his Instagram story after the news broke on Friday, June 7, that 9-1-1: Lone Star could be canceled after next season.

Silva, who plays police officer Carlos Reyes, was not alone in his positive attitude. Rubinstein, who plays Carlos’ husband and paramedic TK Strand, also shared a message with his followers over the weekend.

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“Nowhere in this article was a specific fate specified for our show,” Rubinstein, 30, stressed in his Instagram story. TVLine“But one thing I know for sure: We will continue to put our heart and soul into these final episodes and bring you our most extraordinary season yet. I hope to see you all in September.”

The actor added: “#BestFansInTheWorld unite! I love you all so damn [sic] much!”

Silva and Rubinstein’s comments came after Deadline reported on Friday that season 5 of the firefighter drama is in production, although the original cast Sierra McClain‘s departure.

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McClain played Judd’s (Jim Parrack) woman on the show and left the series after issues with renegotiating the cast, according to the outlet. (The actress last posted on Instagram with her costars in April, when she celebrated her 30th birthday with most of the group.)

Robyn Lively further fueled speculation about the show’s cancellation when she posted a message about her time on the show in early June and then deleted it.

“I am so excited to be a part of the final season of @911lonestar!! What a journey it has been!” Lively, who plays recurring character Marlene Harris, shared in her now-deleted Instagram post.

9 1 1 Lone Stars Rafael Silva and Ronen Rubinstein on rumors of cancellation

Ronen Rubenstein, Rafael Silva. FOX / Justin Stephens (2)

A month earlier, the CEO of Fox Entertainment Robert Wade told Deadline that the network hoped to make a decision on 9-1-1: Lone StarThe future will change after the premiere of the new season in the fall.

Lonely Star was off the schedule this year because of the strike and we are really looking forward to bringing it back in the fall,” Wade said in May. “We are excited about the new season. We will, as always, wait and see how it goes and then make decisions about the future of the franchise. But right now we are very focused on it being a launching pad for a new show, Rescue HI-Surfwe are happy to have it on the program.”

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While 9-1-1: Lone StarThe fate of is not yet sealed, the main actors have reportedly been trying to negotiate better salaries for more than two years. The series’ regular cast pushed for negotiations before season 4, and Deadline reported that the cast tried again before Season 5. However, the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes scuttled that possibility.

9-1-1: Lone Starwhich premiered in 2020, is the spin-off of 9-1-1with Robert Lowe as the main character Owen Strand. 9-1-1 was canceled by Fox in 2023 after six seasons. ABC picked up the series for season 7, which premiered in March.

Season 5 of 9-1-1: Lone Star Premieres on Fox in fall.

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