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6 Costco Perks That Might Come as a Surprise to Even Regular Shoppers

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If you’re a Costco member, you no doubt know that you can get great deals on a variety of products, including gas and bulk groceries. But even those who regularly visit the warehouse club may not be aware of this all what benefits your membership offers.

In fact, these six benefits might come as a big surprise—even if you’re at the club all the time.

1. Free technical support

If you are having issues with your technology, Costco is here to help. You can get help with a variety of electronics and devices, including PCs, laptops and TVs purchased in 2020 or later.

You can call Costco at 1-866-861-0450 for technical advice during operating hours, Monday through Sunday, 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. PT. When you call, have your Costco membership number and item model number ready.

2. Discounts at other Retailer

Because there’s so much to buy at Costco, there’s a good chance you’ve never taken a close look at the shelves of gift cards available there. If so, you might have noticed that Costco can also help you save money at other retailers.

Some examples of the savings currently available include:

  • You can purchase a $500 Southwest Airlines card for $449.99

  • $100 Domino’s Pizza Gift Cards for $79.99

  • $100 TGI Friday’s Gift Cards for $79.99

Check out the discounted gift cards every time you visit the store or take a quick look at the website regularly to take advantage of this benefit. If you’re going to spend money at other retailers anyway, you might as well save money while doing so.

3. Cheap prescription drugs

Consumer Reports research found that Costco’s prices on five common medications were the cheapest of any major retailer.

Although the amount saved varied, the drugs cost over $800 less than if you had purchased them at CVS. You can also save up to 80% on common medications with Costco’s Member Prescription Program, with many costing just $9.99 for a 90-day supply.

You can order prescriptions online and have them sent to you free of charge. So it’s worth taking advantage of this benefit if the medications you take are cheaper at Costco. You can keep more money in your bank account without any additional effort.

4. Worldwide membership

Another thing you may not know about your Costco membership is that it’s good worldwide, not just in the United States. Costco has locations in the following countries:

  • Australia

  • Canada

  • China

  • France

  • Iceland

  • Japan

  • Korea

  • Mexico

  • New Zealand

  • Spain

  • Sweden

  • Taiwan

  • Great Britain

  • United States

If you’re traveling to these countries, you can use your membership to save on items while you’re there.

5. Cheaper insurance

Costco has a partnership through which it offers discounted insurance coverage. The company says Costco members who purchase insurance through CONNECT, powered by American Family Insurance, save an average of $595.86 on their car insurance in the first year alone.

You can request a car and home insurance quote online from Costco to see if switching your policy might free up more money in your monthly budget.

6. Discounted photo gifts

Finally, Costco has a partnership with Shutterfly that allows you to receive discounted photography gifts. Get 51% off all orders plus free economy shipping when you purchase $49 or more of qualifying items.

Shutterfly offers more than just the ability to print images. You can get creative photo gifts at a significant discount to preserve your precious memories – like coffee mugs, photo books and more.

Each of these benefits comes with great benefits, including reduced spending to keep your credit card bill low or access to services you might not otherwise have. Now that you know them, you can take advantage of these benefits and make your Costco membership even more worthwhile.

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