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4 of the Best-selling Air Compressors on Amazon Are on Sale for up to 27% off – Autoblog

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Currently, some of the best-selling tire inflators on Amazon are available at a discount! If you don’t already have a tire inflator in your garage (or better yet, in your trunk), it might be worth considering. These days, most of them are super cheap and make filling your tires with air a breeze. Ultimately, driving with underinflated tires can be dangerous and costly. According to TireRack.com, “If a vehicle’s tire pressure is just 6 psi too low, tire tread life could be shortened by up to 25%.” That’s a whole lot of wasted time! Luckily, you can purchase a portable air compressor at a great price thanks to discounts like the ones listed below.

$27.19 at Amazon

This portable air compressor from AstroAI comes with three nozzles and works with any Schrader valve in cars, SUVs, motorcycles and bicycles. It can inflate tires at a rate of 35L/min and inflate 195/55/R15 tires from 0 to 35 psi in less than 5 minutes. The gauge is calibrated to give a reading within 1.5% of your actual tire pressure and is even programmable so you can simply set the desired pressure and let the machine do the work. It features a large, backlit screen that displays pressure units such as PSI, kPa, BAR or KG/CM. There’s also a built-in flashlight for when you’re working in the dark. With the included accessory adapters, you can also use this inflator for balls, air mattresses, balloons and other small inflatable items.

Important specifications

  • Inflates at a rate of 35L/min
  • Programmable for automatic refill
  • Integrated LED light for better visibility at night
  • Includes a spare fuse and 3 additional nozzles

$79.99 at Amazon

The Airmoto option on our list has a more modern design, making it the sleekest and most portable option of the bunch. In fact, this device is so compact that it fits in your glove compartment! It inflates up to 120 PSI, has an automatic shut-off and can also measure and fill pressure units other than PSI, such as: B. kPa, BAR and KG/CM. It is powered by a 2,000mAh rechargeable battery that takes about 2 to 3 hours to fully charge. However, once charged, you can use it continuously for 40 minutes. It also includes adapters for things like basketballs and bike tires. However, please note that this air compressor is not suitable for large volume items such as air mattresses etc.

Important specifications

  • Inflates up to 120 PSI
  • Wireless and battery operated
  • The air hose is stored in the base of the air pump
  • The scope of delivery includes an air hose with Schrader valve, three additional nozzle adapters, a USB-C charging cable and a carrying case

$34.97 at Amazon

The Teromas tire inflator is a great option because it plugs into your car’s 12-volt cigarette lighter or a 110/120-volt outlet. It can inflate a P195/65R15 tire from 0 to 35 psi in less than 4 minutes. The auto-off function automatically switches off the pump as soon as the desired preset pressure value is reached. Like many others, this compressor also has a digital display that conveniently shows the current tire pressure, as well as an integrated LED flashlight. It comes with three additional adapters and can be used with cars, motorcycles, bicycles, air mattresses, balls and more. Find out more here.

Important specifications

  • 10.5 inch power cord
  • The accuracy of the displayed pressure is +/- 3 psi
  • Up to 150psi
  • Includes four nozzle adapters for use with cars, RVs, motorcycles, air mattresses, bike tires and more

$65.99 at Amazon

This Avid Power Tire Inflator is a cordless, multi-purpose pump that can be used with most tires, inflatable sports balls, and more. Like the Airmoto compressor, it’s a little more expensive than the others on our list, but also like the Airmoto, it’s a little more practical since it doesn’t need to be plugged in once the battery runs out. It also comes with a juice when you need it 12 volt power adapter supplied with which you can connect it. The compressor features an automatic stop function with a displayed pressure accuracy of +/- 1 psi and an integrated LED light and comes with its own tool bag. Note that, like many others, this compressor is not suitable for large truck tires, but car tires, SUV tires, motorcycle tires, bicycle tires, inflatable sports balls, and more can easily be inflated.

Important specifications

  • For use with car tires, motorcycle tires, bicycle tires, inflatable sports balls, pool toys and more
  • The accuracy of the displayed pressure is +/- 1 psi
  • Automatic shut-off once preset pressure is reached
  • Includes carrying bag, air tap and inflation needle

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