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3 Body Problem Has Been Renewed on Netflix

We’ll officially get it some answers the burning questions we had after watching Netflixs 3 body problem: The streamer is bringing back the sci-fi series – which explores what’s happening how humanity is preparing for a slow-moving but inevitably arriving alien invasion – for more.

The news comes from a Netflix post on Ever since we read the final page of Cixin Liu’s magnificent trilogy, we’ve been hoping that we could take audiences to the end of the universe. Let’s go!” It was accompanied by a video with footage from the first season and the promise that “the story continues.”

A contribution to the Netflix series Tudum adds a few more details, namely that the show will continue to be “created, produced and written by returning trio Benioff, Weiss and Woo,” but also notes that “all other details are under wraps, including the number of seasons.” and episodes to be revealed at a later date.

I’ll talk to io9 first 3 body problemis arriving on NetflixBenioff said the trio had hoped for more than one season, repeating some of the language in today’s announcement. “We would like to get to the end. Apparently the trilogy consists of three books. And the ending is incredibly beautiful. I think this last page is probably my favorite last page of any science fiction book I’ve read. It’s this amazing final image because it takes you to the end of time, the end of the universe, and in this incredible, overwhelming cosmic way it sums everything up in a very emotional, human way. And it’s unexpected. I remember exactly where I was when I read the last page, and that was the moment [Weiss and I] decided, and Alex came along a little later: This is the show we want to do. So the hope, the happy ending for us, would be that we could tell the whole story – whether that’s three seasons, four seasons, we don’t know exactly yet. It would have to be at least three seasons.”

Three – or maybe more? We’ll keep an eye out for new details as Netflix reveals them, but in the meantime, are you excited for more? 3 body problem?

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