Nature walk at Orra Phelps Preserve

WILTON, NY (NEWS10) – A new partnership between Saratoga PLAN and Wilton Wildlife Preserve and Park begins on July 5 with a nature walk in the Orra Park Preserve at 4pm The same walk will be offered again on Saturday July 9th, at 10:30 am and 4:30 p.m.

During the walks, participants will learn about Orra Phelps as they discover the natural history of the land that had great significance for them when they lived, according to Margo Olson, Wilton Wildlife Preserve and Park Executive Director. The walks will be led by interns who were hired through a grant from the Land Trust Alliance’s New York State Conservation Partnership Program.

Olson believes this is another honor for Phelps, as she was an educator who shared her knowledge with students. The next walks in this series will take place at the Bog Meadow Trail on July 19 and 23, and at the Coldbrook Preserve on August 2 and August 6. Participants can register online for the walks.

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