Bookmakers favor Pope Francis’ Asian or Black successor

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Pope Francis as he resigns, a prospect who has re-speculated as the Catholic leader fights against a knee condition that has confined him to a wheelchair and forced him to cancel trips.

Luis Antonio Gokim Tagle, a Filipino cardinal who currently serves as the Pro-Prefect for the Evangelism Section of Dicastery for Evangelism, is the current favorite of betting to be the next pope, coming in at 5/1 opportunities to fill the role, according to OLBG betting odds tracker. Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson, a Ghanaian cardinal, a Ghanaian cardinal who currently serves as the chancellor of the Pontifical Academies of Sciences and Social Sciences, comes next on a 6/1 chance to be the next pope.

While many observers of the Catholic Church believe that Francis’ dismissal is unlikely to happen, the birth of a pope from outside Europe would be a rare occurrence. Pope Francis, born in Argentina, was the first non-European to fulfill the role in more than 1,200 years. There must still be a pope born in sub-Saharan Africa or East Asia.

Popes have also rarely beaten the pope to death, with Pope Benedict being the first to voluntarily resign from the post in more than 700 years when he did so in 2013.


Left: Pope Francis with Luis Antonio Gokim Tagle.  Right: Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson.

Left: Pope Francis with Luis Antonio Gokim Tagle. Right: Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson.

But speculation has continued to swirl to make Franciscus the second pope in a row to resign voluntarily, with observers noting his declining health and canceled trips as reasons for concern about his future ability to fill the role.

Francis had surgery last July to remove the left part of his colon due to a bowel movement, while he was recently forced to move with the help of a stick or wheelchair due to a knee injury. However, those close to Francis have so far spoken out about a possible dismissal.

For his part, Francis has been open about the realities of his declining health.


“When we are old, we can not do the same things we did when we were young: the body has a different pace, and we have to listen to the body and accept its boundaries,” he said. pope in his general public address earlier this month. “We have them all. I have to use a walking stick now, too.”

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