Warzone finally makes the long-awaited Gulag audio change in season 4

With the launch of Season 4, Warzone developers Raven Software have made a major life change that will make navigating the Gulag and making your opponent’s better even easier.

The Gulag has changed quite regularly throughout Warzone’s life cycle, from the early Gulag showers of Verdansk to the present ‘Hold’. Some favor others, and each has its own trials, tribulations, and reasons to enjoy.

However, one complaint that has become more and more frequent over the years since Warzone was launched is the audio in the game.

While there have been complaints about audio over the entire title, there is one area that has been very prominent in the Gulag – but that changes in Warzone Pacific Season 4.

Warzone Operator sitting in golden chair

Warzone and Vanguard Season 4 brings a lot of new content to both games.

If you are engaging in an intense 1v1 for your place back in the battle, you need every bit of information you have available about your opponent, and no distractions while doing so.

Many players have reported that this can sometimes be impossible, however, because audio is so frenetic in the Gulag.

This is mainly due to the fact that you can hear spectators running and making noise above you as you try to find where your opponent is exactly, but Raven has made a commitment to change that by muting the audio of the spectator footsteps for players fighting in the new “Hold” Gulag in the season 4 update.

Hold Gulag card in Warzone Season 3 on Caldera

The Gulag is becoming a bit calmer.

This will undoubtedly be a huge help for players trying to earn their place back in Caldera and win back for a victory, without distinguishing your opponent’s footsteps from those above you.

With Warzone 2 coming out at the end of 2022, developers Raven Software might try to fine-tune the current game and test new things for the highly anticipated sequel.

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