Is Kim Kardashian OK? Reality TV Star’s battle with sleep disorder worries family

Kim Kardashian’s appearance on the NBC talk show The Tonight with Jimmy Fallon has sparked speculation about the health of the 41-year-old American reality TV celebrity. This was after Kim revealed in the show that she had recently lost 21 lbs. The revelation left her fans worried about her health. And if that wasn’t enough, Kim’s family has revealed that the reality TV star struggled with her sleep.

Kim Kardashian

Kim told the talk show that this was ‘the worst she has ever been’.

The new revelation of losing 21 lbs came just weeks after Kim said she had lost 16 lbs to fit in Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress for the Met Gala event.

Talk to you soon and keep up the good content Vogue On the red carpet, Kim had said, “I had to lose 16 pounds to fit in (the dress).” Kim had added that she undertook a comprehensive regimen of sauna packs, exercises and food restrictions. “I did not starve myself, but I was so strict,” she had said.

Meanwhile, The Sun website claimed that Kim’s family was worried about her rapid weight loss and added that the star was struggling with her sleep.

“She’s the worst she’s ever been and hardly sleeps. Her family knows a lot of this is her coming back from a very controlling marriage, and her decision to show Kanye how much better she’s doing without him,” she said. an insider the website.

Fans have also begun to express their opinion on the dramatic transformation in Kim’s appearance. One wrote angrily on Twitter, “I hate Kim Kardashian so much. Can stop this untalented piece of shit promoting unhealthy weight loss. I can not stand this whole family. Can they just stfu and never leave their house again. Where is this stupid family? famous for? Kim Kardashian’s ugly sex video. I hate people. “

However, one of her fans wrote, “I think this is the best Kim Kardashian has seen in a long time. The blonde hair is great and the ass is much smaller. Maybe she’s lost weight Still too big but definitely a improvement. “

The Sun website quoted several fans who saw concerns about their weight loss. “Okay, she’s now tiiiiinnnyyyyyyy, this is not normal,” said one of the commenters on Instagram. Another commented: “There is clearly something happening to her, she is literally skin and bones.”

According to some reports, Kim underwent surgery to achieve dramatic weight loss. One blog specializing in surgery claimed that the reality TV star had an endoscopic sleeve, which includes a newer type of minimally invasive procedure for weight loss.

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