Crow launches full e-bike range, including a stealthy gravel set-up with removable drive systems

You can now buy Gravital e-bikes directly from the Spanish brand Crow Bicycles after they were previously only available through the IndieGoGo crowdfunding site. The gravel, city and road bikes all have removable Fazua Ride 50 Trail drive systems, so you can ride with or without assistance, and prices start at £ 3,240.

We treated Crow a few times last year, first when it plagued photos of its new bikes and then when it sought funding for what it called “the world’s first crowdfunded electric gravel bike.”

All Crow Gravital bikes share Fazua’s removable Ride 50 Trail electrical system that was announced last September. It has a maximum torque of 58Nm and 250W of power. You can ride either model as an e-bike or as a conventional non-assisted bike that weighs 3 kg lighter

Crow has three different gravel e-bike platforms: the carbon Gravital UL and the aluminum Gravital SL – both with drop bars – and the Gravital Risbar SL, which is aluminum and features a riser handlebar.

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The Gravital UL comes with a carbon fiber frame and fork and the cheapest version, at £ 4,381, mainly has 2x Shimano Tiagra components. There is also a 1x GRX 800 (£ 5,082) model, and two Campagnolo Ekar options, the top level (£ 7,885, main photo) with a claimed weight of just over 13 kg (28.7lb).

2022 Crow Gravital SL2 - 1.jpeg

The aluminum Gravital SL2 comes in a 2x Shimano Tiagra build (£ 3,767), while a model with components from Chinese brand Sensah (£ 3,242) is soon available.

2022 Crow Gravital Risbar - 1.jpeg

The flat-barred Crow Gravital Risbar SL4 is also £ 3,242. It has an aluminum frame, carbon fork, and a 1x system with Shimano Alivio shifters and rear derailleur.

2022 Crow Gravital Pace SL3 - 1.jpeg

The Gravital Pace SL3 road bike (£ 3,767) has an aluminum frame and a particularly Shimano Tiagra group set, and there are also two aluminum city bikes in the range.

2022 Crow Gravital Naked - 1.jpeg

Crow recently closed its first investment round with a capital increase of € 300,000 (about £ 258,000) and says it’s aiming to fill the gap between traditional bikes and standard electric bikes [and] is focused on ultra-light e-bikes, delivering the best riding experience and maximum performance with or without assistance.

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