Meet Dr. Alazazi; businesswoman behind UAE’s first electric car

Abu Dhabi: A chairman of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) based M Glory Holding Group Dr Majida Alazazi is the woman behind the country’s first electric car.

Dr Majida Alazazi is ready to roll out the first batch of the fully electric car named ‘Al Damani’ DMV300 by the end of June 2022.

The Al Damani DMV300, with two different models built to European specifications, has a battery capacity of 52.7 kWh and can cover more than 405 kilometers on a single charge.

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In March 2022, M Glory Holding Group laid the foundation stone for the country’s first industrial facility for the manufacture of electric vehicles (EV) in Dubai Industrial City (DIC). The factory will be ready in 2024.

Meanwhile, the DMV300 will be made in a temporary factory not far from the main one built into DIC.

The new plant will be built on a total land area of ​​1 million sq ft and will create more than 1,000 jobs, as part of M Glory’s future expansion plans.

The company aims to benefit from the fourth industrial revolution and sustainability through the use of future technologies and robotics in the manufacture of electric cars (EVs). The new facility is an extension of its portfolio, which includes robotics technology and artificial intelligence, as well as durable real estate.

Majida is the first Arab woman to establish a car factory in the Middle East, and the first Emirati to receive an applied doctorate in supply chain management and industry from the University of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Since graduating from the university, she has held several large jobs, where she worked in large successful government factories in the country and traveled to various auto manufacturing countries.

She traveled to France, Britain, the Czech Republic and Germany in an attempt to learn about her experiences and success stories that enabled her to achieve record profits. They hope to replicate the achievements of these countries in their major projects, in their home country UAE.

Al-Azazi began her experience as a businesswoman in 2004, working on various projects, then moving to a larger ambition, that is, the automotive industry, from a constant search for a challenge.

Following her passion for being a leader in the industrial sector, she opened a car factory – Sandstorm Motor Vehicle Manufacturing.

“Since 2012, I started developing Sandstorm. It is now a successful factory. We are now going electric with M Glory. We are now planning to do more sustainable projects under M Glory Holding Group,” Al-Azazi said. Khaleej Times during the Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit.

The electric car can reach a top speed of 160 km and cover more than 405 km after a single charge. When charging at home, it will fully charge in six to eight hours, but we have a fast charge, which charges the car in up to 85 percent in 30 minutes.

The industrial engineer said: “We are working on developing our own charger that can be charged within four hours at home, as well as about 25 percent of the auto parts of the local market, and soon we will be able to increase this percentage gradually increase ”

The businesswoman indicated that thousands of orders for the purchase of electric cars have already been received, stating that her daily capacity varies from 8 to 10 cars and 10,000 cars annually from the temporary factory. Once the main factory is ready, it will be able to produce 50,000 to 70,000 cars annually.

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