I’m a cycling expert and I say these are the 7 cycling skills that everyone should master

I do not like to hit my own horn, but I’m quite an expert rider. I’ve written books about it and everything – published books. Over the years, I have acquired many of the advanced skills needed to survive and thrive on the road, whether it’s commuting, touring, competing events, or just cycling for the hel.

There are certain mistakes that everyone makes with bikes, a topic I wrote about earlier on T3.com. More useful there are also 7 skills every cyclist needs to master and I will reveal them to you today. After all, you can buy the best road bike in the world and build a modern bike computer on it, but if you have it all together and have no idea, you’ll never cut it into bike circles.

1. Riding in a group / holding a wheel

Tour de France

Maybe start with a slightly smaller group like this

(Photo: Tim de Waele / Getty Images)

This is one of the first skills to master as a rider and one that can be quite nervous at first. Being able to ride in a group, nice and neat, just an inch behind the front runner is an achievement that grows with time. Such riding keeps the set on the road clean and will also save energy because you are sitting tight in the slipstream of the rider in front.

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