How to use an Android phone as a Bluetooth mouse with a PC or laptop

  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity lets you turn your smartphone into a wireless mouse.
  • Android devices can be used as mouse for Windows laptops, Macs and Chromebooks.
  • Read below about all the free apps that can turn your smartphone into a wireless mouse.

You can transform you android phone in a wireless mouse with just one app. Yes, you heard it right. Your phone can be a seamless alternative to a mouse with Windows laptops, Chromebooks and Macs.

It may be helpful if your laptop trackpad is defective or damaged if the mouse suddenly stops working. Whatever the reason, this hack lets you quickly turn your smartphone into a wireless mouse. All you need is an app on your phone or tablet. The laptop or desktop should be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth or WiFi to your phone.

Now let’s see some of the better apps to use your smartphone as a wireless mouse.

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Monect PC Remote (free)

The app is available for free in Google Play Store. It lets you connect your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wifi to a desktop or laptop. It even lets you offer your smartphone accelerometer and gyro personalized controls for gaming. Additionally, you can use Monect PC Remote to project the PC screen onto your smartphone. It also comes with a file transfer option among connected devices. Download it for free from the Google Play Store, open the app and select ‘Connect to PC’. You will get an option to connect your smartphone via PC with Bluetooth, Wifi and USB connection. Once connected, use your smartphone as a wireless mouse.

Unified Remote (free)

Unified Remote is easy to use and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. It can be seamlessly connected to Windows PC, Linux and Mac. The app has server detection and supports encrypted password protection.

Once installed, connect your Android phone via WiFi or Bluetooth. Open the app and you’re good to go.

Remote mouse (free)

This app has very intuitive controls and it connects your smartphone seamlessly to a PC or desktop via Wifi. Remember, Remote Mouse is limited to Wifi connection. The app features, options for zoom, scroll and drag,

The app is also available in the Pro version and unlocks some extra features like web remote, app changer and media remote.

Serverless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for PC / phone (free)

The app is free to use and you can connect it via Bluetooth. It has a simplified layout similar to universal mouse- right-click and left-click. You will also get media controls such as volume up / down and play / pause.

Serverless Bluetooth app can also be converted to a keyboard that can be used on Windows laptops.

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