Hina Khan: Cannes felt like a fair. I thought: ‘Wahan jaake aag lagani hai’

Actor Hina Khan talks about her second Cannes outing, the magical moment and the pressure on the red carpet

“This time, Cannes was tired, but it was worth it,” says Hina Khan about her second appearance at the recently concluded Cannes Film Festival. She adds, “It was fun and energetic and there was a lot more preparation put in than last time. Because after two years the festival happened in a normal way and there were so many people from all over the world who attended. It felt like a fair.My visit from 2019 was magical, but again this year it was wonderful.

The actor admits that there was a lot of pressure regarding her red carpet look. “I was nervous because previous red carpet looks were amazing, beautiful and loved by everyone. Moreover, knowing that there were so many celebs this time, it added to the pressure. I wanted to look different than last time and choose a look dramatic. But I also knew it was about your own charm and wahan jaake aag lagni hai was my thought. I ran once and I was too tired with only one (laughs). Luckily it was well received. Those five minutes on the carpet are magical, “she expands, adding that the media there do not judge you on where you came from or what you did, but” if they find you worthy to be caught on camera, they would catch your eye. ”

Unlike her sartorial sense, Khan also made news for expressing her opinions about not being at the India Pavilion. In an interview, she stated that she was discouraged that she was not part of the inaugural event.

Speaking about reactions to her statement, she says: “I got so much love and support from people on social media, even from the media and celebrities. People came up to me, thought the idea was not that I wanted that one for me came up. It was not planned. I was asked a question and I spoke up. As an actor, I’ve been loud about things and I always will be. I was not there for a TV show, but a movie poster launch, so I did not understand why this happened. Next year it may be better. Change may be slow, but I want to see what change happens. I must say, post the interview, I was invited to the India Pavilion and even Madhavan’s movie, but it was the day of my walk and I had to skip.

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