Energica Experia – A fully electric adventure bike with 400 km range

Energica Experia Electric ADV

Italian EV maker Energica unveils an electric ADV; aptly named the Experia, it claims a range of one charge of 420 km! Traditional adventure travelers are meant to go everywhere and do many things, but e-ADVs like the Experia seek to make that process more sustainable.

The battery chemistry on the Experia has changed. Energica calls it the ‘Green Tourer’ platform. It aims to balance comfort, power and range while keeping the extra environment clean. The new 22.5 kWh battery pack, says Energica, is the largest on any e-bike. Set it in city mode to get a range of 420 km, combined mode offer 256 km, WMTC will lift you 222 km and extra city mode will get you 208 km on one charge. With these range figures the Experia is punching into a weight category of e-SUVs like the Tata Nexon EV Max that boasts 437km (ARAI required range) to the charge, Energica says the charging time of 0-80 percent with a level-3 DC fast charger is about 40 minutes. The Experia gets a permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor, one that produces 60kW of continuous power and 75kW of peak power with an optimum, 115 Nm to the wheel.

Energica Experia Electric ADV

Given that the Experia is looking to step into the tower area, Energica had to retry certain mechanical strategies. To begin with, it pulled the steel chassis as seen on its other EVs for a steel tubular trellis frame and aluminum side plates. Even the rear monoshock is now centrally restored. You get fully adjustable suspension on the front and rear of ZF Sachs and 17-inch alloy wheels for road touring.

Energica has also given a makeover to Experia’s electronics package. A selection of four driving modes (Eco, Urban, Rain, and Sport) and four rain modes. It gets Bosch’s eABS, ABS for bends, and six levels of traction control. Also kitted out is a new five inch TFT display.

Energica Experia Electric ADV

However, all this green living will come at a cost. For starters, it weighs a whopping 260kg, which is also heavier than most full-size adventure bikes. So off-road driving is sure of the maps. Energica has not announced the price for the Experia, but it can be pre-ordered from June 2022. Deliveries should begin in the second half of this year.

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