BNB Chain publishes a year-long technical roadmap to develop ecosystems

BNB Chain has announced the launch of a technical roadmap designed to improve the network’s decentralized structure, sidechains infrastructure capacity, and potential for developer-built decentralized applications (dApps) to improve performance and efficiency.

Announced at BNB Chain Revelation Summit, the document also revealed the latest iteration of the Most Valuable Builder incubator for aspiring Web3 software engineers.

In February of this year, Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain were merged to form what is now referred to as BNB Chain, a multi-chain infrastructure layer that supports the new ecosystem, as well as BNB governance mechanisms.

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Some of the more notable developments of the roadmap include the introduction of mainnet BNB Application Sidechains with META Apes and Metaverse World; almost doubling the number of decentralized validators to 41 through the BEP-131 proposal; and subsequently improving the BNB Smart Chain’s Block Gas Capacity to 200 million in Q3 to improve cost efficiency and speed, among others.

Executive Director of the BNB Foundation, Uri Ferruccio, shared his assessment of how roadmap implementation can support the growth of the BNB ecosystem, stating:

“These technological advances are important because they will bring about substantial changes for both the developer community and end users. […] The emphasis will be on innovation, sustainability, strengthening BNB Chain’s governance mechanism and investing heavily in security. “

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