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Damage caused by heavy rains in Delhi (Mihir Singh / Instagram)

Damage caused by intense rains in Delhi

(Mihir Singh / Instagram)

Tuesday 31 May: What might have been just another sweltering afternoon in Delhi ended in a disaster on Monday, May 30, as residents of the capital were thoroughly surprised by extreme weather. Suddenly heavy rains accompanied by squally winds, thunder and lightning brought the city to a halt, tearing through trees and infrastructure and claiming the lives of at least three locals in the process.

Delhiites report that the drastic changes in weather began at 4pm when the sky began to get dark over the city. The strong wind then took over, causing dust storms, followed by an intense storm over the capital. Hail was also reported in many areas.

“It was like a scene from a nature documentary. Lightning strikes, strong winds, then heavy drops of rain, also hail, tree branches cracked and fell. And in no time the roads were under water. It came over in 10 minutes or so, the roads became flooded. Not even a downpour after that, “Rekha Deshmukh told IANS on her experience about her ride on Akbar Road.

The Safdarjung station in particular experienced extremely unfavorable conditions in the form of terrible 100 km / h gusts, while other areas recorded 50-60 kmph squalls. The precipitation also led to a remarkable drop in temperatures, with the station recording mercury as low as 25 ° C instead of the usual 40 ° C. A drip of similar magnitude was also observed at many other stations in central and southern Delhi.

While central Delhi experienced the maximum rainfall experienced by this sudden rainfall, many other places in the eastern half were also affected. According to an IMD notification, New Delhi Safdarjung, Lodi Road, Delhi University and President House each recorded about 20 mm of rainfall, while Delhi Ridge recorded 10 mm yesterday at 17:30.

This led to intense water logging in many parts of the city, causing widespread traffic disruptions and severe power outages. Several trees were also uprooted, roads blocked and cars destroyed when they randomly fell around the city.

These disruptions were not only related to roads, as a maximum of eight flights also had to be diverted from Indira Gandhi International Airport to other states due to the bad weather. Several passenger planes would have to circle over the national capital’s airport to wait for the weather to clear up.

According to an IMD official, these conditions were caused by a combination of multiple weather systems – a western disturbance over northern Pakistan, a caused cyclonic circulation over northwestern Rajasthan, and an east-west trough that extends from northwestern Rajasthan to northern Bangladesh over south. Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Overall, this episode of rainfall Delhi helped record a monthly cumulative rainfall of 50.5 mm, which is 14 percent higher than the normal opted rainfall of May.

From here, the IMD has forecast isolated to dry conditions for the next five days. Maximum temperatures are expected to rise to 41 ° C by Friday, with mostly clear skies and strong 20-30 km / h during the day. Tuesday, however, the co-department predicts partly cloudy skies, with a chance of very light rain and thunderstorms after noon or evening.


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