Twitch adds badges for viewers who watch without video, audio

Twitch has added a few new badges for chat identity as part of the platform’s celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

Twitch wrote, among other things, in a blog post that it made many “improvements to accessibility” to the platform, as well as making it faster and easier to navigate the website.

While Twitch did not say when it would implement it, the company said it would “add a chat badge that allows viewers to identify themselves as audio or video only,” and it did not take long for the option to be activated .

Screenshot via

The audio-only chat badge is primarily black and has a white outline of an eye that has a white slash. The sign makes it clear that the conversation is not looking at the broadcast, but just listening.

The video-only badge is the same color, but instead has the universal “mute” symbol of a speaker with an “x” next to it, making it clear to other chatters that you are viewing the contents of the broadcast. t you can not hear watching.

These two badges take the global badge slot into conversation, which means you can not expose both badges at once as a joke.

You can change your badge by clicking on the button to the left of the “Send a message” bubble at the bottom of a channel’s chat. Left-clicking on the “Chat Identity” button will open a pop-up in the chat which will give you chat badge options. Under the “Global Badge” section, you should see the audio and video only options along with other global badge options, such as the popular Prime Gaming badge.

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