This shape-changing load trike turns into trendy city bike with the push of a button

How about a freight train that can instantly turn into a trendy city bike? Yes, that’s what this very practical car design is all about.

Freight trams are a good option to pick up essential items in cities, but they lack appearance when you have to ferry them without transporting goods. We live in times where the multifunctional aspect of everything pays dividends in the long run of use. Rhaetus electric folding truck brings that useful multifunctional aspect to the forefront with its deliberate design that I’m sure will keep you core.

Designer: HTH Han

This electrically powered truck minimizes all the other trucks on the market that are good for transporting cargo, pets or even children – but fall flat on their face when it comes to normal bikes. Yes, this is where Rhaetus shines with his expanding and contracting design to go from an urban truck to a cool-looking electric car for general commuting. The truck has a fold-up storage area at the front that can collapse to turn the ride into a small mobility car suitable for congested streets.

The foldable middle structure is made of tablecloth fabric, so that it can be filled in with a push of a button without much fuss. This is done through the folding mechanism that is operated by the hydraulic device and the structure of the rear spindle. The bike is capable of carrying 172 liters of cargo in extended mode. The possibilities of use of this red are greatly expanded with this shape-changing form. It can go from a compact city shuttle to a camping accessories carrier for long travel mode in no time.

The front and back of the storage area are loaded with night-time lighting. In the collapsed mode, these come together to form the headlights of the electric bike. That, no one would ever guess in their wildest dreams that this cool electric bike is actually a freight train when needed. The dhaboard on Rhaetus is flush with modern telemetry that displays navigation mode, speed, battery levels, rotation signals and driving mode. It comes with a dedicated screen control button to quickly switch through the available options.

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